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Professional Competition 8

Saturday 02/12/2023 19:00 - 21:00, Sunday 03/12/2023 07:00 - 09:00
Total Duration: 1:48:48

  1. New Water Music 04:04 United States 2023
    Directed: Dan Rule
  2. Inner Polar Bear 07:00 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Gerald Conn
    Screenplay: Jeanette Winterson
    Production: Naomi Jones
    Dialogue Language: English

    A film exploring the alternative human and animal perspectives on the implications of climate change using sand animation to illustrate a piece of writing by acclaimed novelist Jeanette Winterson narrated by Maxine Peake.

  3. INDUSTRIALIZATION - THE RISE AND FALL 02:50 United States 2023
    Directed: James W. Hawk
    Screenplay: James W. Hawk
    Production: James W. Hawk
    Dialogue Language: English

    An abstract animation that portrays the world before, during and after the era of industrialization.

  4. Crossing Signs 07:34 North Macedonia 2022
    Directed: Tanja Balac, Nikola Drvoshanov
    Production: Tanja Balac, Nikola Drvoshanov

    "Crossing Signs", through a research-experimental process of physical displacement and moving away from the "known" and plunging into the unknown, deals with the global topic of migrant crises, while referring to the xenophobic rhetoric present in the mainstream media. Uncovering that discourse, we perceive the migration events through a historical and global political context realized through concrete artistic practice. Several thematic units intertwine and simultaneously refer to the critical elements of the concept of home - shelter - uncertainty.

  5. Algodreams 10:33 Australia 2023
    Directed: Vladimir Todorovic
    Screenplay: GPT-3
    Production: Vladimir Todorovic
    Dialogue Language: English

    Algodreams are made by prompting AI systems to imagine the future of life on planet Earth. They dreamt of time machines, memory machines, flamingos that can save the oceans, the AI civilization that destroys humans to protect the planet, and they dreamt of self-driving bicycles that fall in love. These algorithmic visions are made possible by the humans who are putting heroic efforts to build new AI infrastructures, promising to create essential services to live in this world. While machines are turning into wonderful storytellers, humans are slaying their way to produce new forms of machine creativity.

  6. The Hour Coat 12:40 United States 2022
    Directed: Amy Kravitz
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Between one life and the next.

  7. The foam and the lion 18:30 Portugal 2022
    Directed: Cláudio Jordão
    Screenplay: Cláudio Jordão
    Production: António Costa Valente
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    On July 6th, 1808, the "Bom Sucesso" caique and 18fishermen left Olhão, in Portugal, towards Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), taking with them the good news that Portugal was finally free of Napoleon's enemy troops. But in the midst of a great storm, men lose their bearings and faith. The "Bom Sucesso" caique enters an enchanted realm, where a fantastic Marine Creature falls in love with him and will try to save him from a tenebrous Monster in the service of the enemy.

  8. Shelf Life 03:51 United States 2023
    Directed: Peter Litwinowicz

    Inspired by the whimsical fruit and vegetable portraits of Arcimboldo, Shelf Life is a magical look at what might be dancing in the corners of our homes.

  9. Feather 12:36 Iran 2023
    Directed: Sadegh Javadi
    Screenplay: Sadegh Javadi
    Production: Sadegh Javadi
    Dialogue Language: Persian

    A poor father lives with his son. They bet on their cock. Their income is getting worse every day till an unusual old man enters their life. everything changes, not as they expected

  10. Stolen Melody 14:45 Russian Federation 2023
    Directed: Georgy Boguslavsky
    Screenplay: Georgy Boguslavsky, Alexander Chirkov
    Production: Boris Mashkovtsev

    This motion picture demonstrate all currently known ways to steal a melody.

  11. The Sphere / Sfera 13:00 Croatia 2022
    Directed: Manuel Sumberac
    Screenplay: Manuel Sumberac
    Production: Ankica Jurić Tilić, Vanja Sremac, Ruedi Schick

    A shift in the routine inevitably disrupts the harmony between Io and the Sphere causing the irreversible destruction of their coexistence by creating a new, seemingly different reality that will set new rules, a new routine.

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