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The Present

Screening: Student Competition 5
South Africa 2022
Duration: 04:58
Directed: Arowan Parker
Screenplay: Arowan Parker
Production: The Animation School College

In a post-pandemic world where memories are bought instead of made, John and his wife Julia spend their evenings engrossed in experiencing other people’s memories – allowing the memories' vibrancy to give life to a dull existence. One day John goes to pick up a memory from the global conglomerate, MemCorp, only to find that all the memories are sold out. He returns home empty-handed and he and Julia find themselves painfully aware of the dull nature of their existence. Through a series of humorous events Julia and John find joy in their reality and realize that living other people’s memories had prevented them from making their own.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts
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URL: avarts.ionio.gr