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Living In A Bubble

Screening: Professional Competition 2
Germany 2022
Duration: 07:43
Directed: Natalie MacMahon, Nikola Drvoshanov
Screenplay: Natalie MacMahon
Production: Natalie MacMahon
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

LOGLINE: When two strangers feel isolated in the big city, they soon realise that their imagination is able to bring them anywhere they would like to go, despite all the obstacles of modern society. SYNOPSIS: Who says it is easy to live in our modern world? Aren’t we all a bit isolated in different ways? “Living in a bubble” tells the story of two strangers, who live in the bubble they created for themselves, which doesn’t allow them to connect to anything or anyone. Through their imagination and willpower however, they manage to break out of their isolation and open themselves up to the world. They find that there is much more out there than they would have thought and nature can be found in the most unexpected places. If we have enough courage to change our ways, we can re-discover what it feels like to be alive. Against all odds, miracles are still possible- if only we believe in them. German Films Quarterly: https://www.germanfilmsquarterly.de/short1_22_4.html

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