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《Beasts of the South》 / 《南方野兽》

Screening: Student Competition 3
China 2023
Duration: 04:36
Directed: Xiongyuan YAO
Screenplay: Xiongyuan YAO
Production: Xiongyuan YAO
Dialogue Language: Chinese

Reflect on the living environment under climate change with their own experience of climate trauma. In my works, I recall and reorganize a "disastrous world" through a cycle of depiction, erasure, reconstruction and erasure, and peep into the fragile and sad state of things in it, and how everything falls apart. As a disaster victim, I use animation to describe the experience of the flood and the phenomena I witnessed during the disaster. Regarding the climatic trauma of floods, I began to think about how to use art to express my own disasters. Through reading the works of relevant artists on ecological and climate crises, I extended my exploration of the content of memory, life, survival and the possibility of artistic creation.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts
e-mail: info@iconafestival.eu
URL: avarts.ionio.gr