Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Student Competition 5

Saturday 04/12/2021 11:00 - 13:00, Saturday 04/12/2021 23:00 - 01:00
Total Duration: 1:53:24

  1. The hapiness of some / Le bonheur des uns 07:58 France 2020
    Directed: Laure de Châteaubourg, Clémence Janssens, Frédéric Mesnard, Elora Fievet, Julien Hoareau, Thomas Gillon
    Screenplay: Laure de Châteaubourg, Clémence Janssens, Frédéric Mesnard, Elora Fievet, Julien Hoareau, Thomas Gillon
    Production: Philippe Meis (Rubika Animation)
    Dialogue Language: French

    Achille is a dairy farmer whose son, Félix, comes to visit his father for a week end. During this time, this young father, exhausted by his work and slowly giving up on his passion, will be confronted to his son, passionate about the work and the life in the farm.

  2. Migrants 08:22 France 2020
    Directed: Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise
    Screenplay: Lucas Lermytte
    Production: Carlos De Carvalho (Pôle 3D)

    Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate.

  3. Proteo's Secret / El Secreto de Proteo 17:30 Argentina 2021
    Directed: Leonel Del Piccolo, Cristian Varnelli
    Screenplay: Cristian Varnelli, Cristian Varnelli
    Production: Cristian Madoery
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    In a post-apocalyptic future, Proteo, a man with a mechanical prosthesis in place of an arm, will be questioned by Detective Norton to find out his involvement in a crime. Together, they will dig deep into the unexpected meeting with Newton, a young environmentalist, who has arrived in the forest where Proteo dwells attempting to defend it from deforestation.

  4. Side Quest 05:16 United Kingdom 2021
    Directed: Jess Hiles
    Screenplay: Jess Hiles
    Production: Priya Shah
    Dialogue Language: English
  5. Grandma's Tale of The Magical Ou-tenga / আইতাৰ শাধোকথা - এতি যাদুকৰী ঔ-টঙা 07:32 India 2021
    Directed: Rishab Thakur
    Screenplay: Rishab Thakur
    Production: Whistling Woods International
    Dialogue Language: Assamese

    An ou-tenga (elephant apple), born to a queen, develops a loving bond with its mother, through it's supernatural potential.

  6. REDUCTION 10:56 Hungary 2021
    Directed: Réka Anna Szakály
    Production: József Fülöp

    Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast, both sharing the same goal of reaching the other side in hopes of a better life. However, when a mysterious character enters the life of one, a chain of irreversible events begins. Relationships fall apart along with the very world around them.

  7. Wild 03:24 France 2020
    Directed: Laura JAMORSKI, Arnaud PEZERE, Camille HUBERT
    Screenplay: Laura JAMORSKI, Arnaud PEZERE, Camille HUBERT
    Production: Vincent CHIAROTTO

    After a plane crash, a small gecko finds himself lost in a jungle. He will try to find his place in this unknown environment.

  8. TIES 04:23 France 2021
    Directed: Jean Avisse, Guillaume Devilers, Jade Hiot, Fadia Hamam, Damien Giry, Julian Dropsit, Aurélien Fournier

    Eva is forced by the traditions of her family to steal an artifact to gain her right to live.

  9. HOPE 04:29 France 2021
    Directed: Ryoma LENEUF, Gabriel MARTINEZ, Nicolas DAGUIN, Guillaume UCHOA, Arthur BOLLIA, Benjamin AUTOUR

    In 2133, Hong Kong has become the capital of a totalitarian regime. Mercyless sentinels patrols the streets looking for any law violation. Sam, a young resistant must break the curfew in order to infiltrate the radio tower and broadcast the message which will bring together the people

  10. Winner 04:00 Slovakia 2021
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Samuel Chovan
    Screenplay: Samuel Chovan
    Production: Samuel Chovan
    Dialogue Language: English

    Art attack made with love

  11. C / Alleswasichberühre 05:04 Switzerland 2020
    Directed: Marion Täschler
    Screenplay: Marion Täschler
    Production: LUCERNE SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN, Departement Animation, Jürgen Haas
    Dialogue Language: German

    In a constant search for closeness, C experiences emotions in all their highs and lows. Even if a familiar phase of togetherness is followed by a rejection of the other person and, accordingly, a sad loneliness, C does not give up. Again and again, new ways are found to find the longed-for closeness and tenderness. And to lose.

  12. The sound of the Sun / El sonido del Sol 11:19 Peru 2021
    Directed: Alessio Del Pozo Temoche
    Screenplay: Alessio Del Pozo Temoche
    Production: Alessio Del Pozo Temoche
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Silvia finds herself in a world that seems strange, distant. She feels she doesn´t belong. It´s always been the same. In the middle of a protest against sexual minorities, she is going to find out that, even if the tide is stronger than her, she is not alone.

  13. Isaiah 03:57 Belgium 2021
    Directed: Imke Reintjens
    Screenplay: Imke Reintjens

    A masters graduation project, originally shown in an art installation on two separate screens. Isaiah is about the Christian version of the Welsh Mari Lwyd and her connection to Virgin Mary. ​A story of two mothers dealing with loss and opportunities for salvation.

  14. Blinded By Love 03:00 United Kingdom 2021
    Directed: Yige Yang

    A man feels responsible for a vulnerable seedling and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it from all the dangers in the world around them.

  15. BAMI 04:20 Belgium 2021
    Directed: eline vanderbemden
    Dialogue Language: Dutch

    A loving grandmother gets everything ready for dinner with her big family, but this is so much work that she literally has to grow extra limbs. As everything goes wrong in the kitchen, the grandmother gets more and more stressed. She turns into a monster, but with the help of her family, she can turn back into herself.

  16. Lunate 05:21 Slovakia 2020
    Directed: Klára Fedora Homzová
    Screenplay: Klára Fedora Homzová
    Production: FTF VŠMU
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The livelihood of a young shepherd girl Sól and her father is being terrorised by a werewolf. The father is leaving to fight the animal and Sól is ordered to stay at home. Unable to bear the fear and uncertainty, once she hears him scream, she runs out. Will she find the strength to defeat the beast?

  17. Méliès Trilogy 05:06 Greece 2021
    Directed: Aris Melachroinos
    Screenplay: Aris Melachroinos

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