Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Spring Pan Let's Go! [Original Version] / スプリンパン まえへすすもう!(オリジナル版)

Screening: Professional Competition 6
Japan 2021
Duration: 11:25
Directed: Jet INOUE
Screenplay: Jet INOUE
Production: Masaki INOUE
Dialogue Language: Japanese

*Synopsis The Bright and cheerful girl, Spring-Pan, who came to the wonderland "Coco-Non-Tea", meets funny and mysterious characters and spends a good time singing and dancing together. The dreams of Spring-Pan is to have a very enjoyable journey. Spring-Pan's mom is also watching her dream come true. At the end of journey, Spring-Pan also returns to her own world and says goodbye to her companions she met. This is a small story of a fun journey like a day trip to the fantasy world. *outline The short animation "Spring Pan Let's Go!" Is an animation work that uses 3DCG and motion capture to incorporate elements of dances such as musicals, ballet, and Irish dance. A beautiful and fun musical animation with songs and dances throughout. It does not fight or hurt people. We aimed to create a work that is wholesome, positive, and enjoyable regardless of race or nationality.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts