Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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All At Sea

Screening: Professional Competition 7
United Kingdom 2021
Duration: 09:24
Directed: Kasia Nalewajka
Screenplay: Kasia Nalewajka
Production: Joanna Wendorff-Ostergaard
Dialogue Language: English

Cornelius is a happy-go-lucky crab bachelor. A night spent drinking with his friends turns awry when the parasitic barnacle, Sacculina, spikes his drink and has his wicked way with him. In the days and weeks that follow, Cornelius experiences physiological and mental changes that transform his life. In fact he's been infected by a parasite that is controlling his mind so that he is the carrier of Sacculina's eggs. As Cornelius is getting more and more excited about his 'offspring', his health is gradually deteriorating. In a terrible climax, the parasite eggs hatch and Cornelius is left barely alive. Told as a nature documentary, this comic drama is based on real animal behaviours.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts