Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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The existential crisis of Plop, an ordinary being.

Screening: Student Greek Competition
Greece 2021
Duration: 02:00
Directed: Leonidas George Adrianos
Screenplay: Leonidas George Adrianos

The piece is inspired by Jacques Lacan’s theory. The person desires and is motivated by this desire. Desire implies a lack, an absence. Through it, the subject tries to get closer to the (ideal) "self", a self that has created for him/herself, so indirectly knows that it is a fake. Desire always points to the outside, to something we do not have. Therefore, what we are not is a fundamental part of us. Εspecially in modern times, there is social pressure from the media to "be yourself, be brave…" etc. etc. The media become carriers of value, presenting lifestyle, fashion, general needs of integration (through consumption) and many models of "integrated individuals" (Celebrities, influencers, fictional characters) who are "better" when "they are themselves" on a huge set of masquerades. But, Lacan says, you can never be yourself (especially in the eyes of others). The next topic the video deals with is the "mirror stage". For the first time, the baby sees her/himself in the mirror, as something complete and coherent, when in fact he/she is a set of perceptions and senses. At that time the Other (the powerful) comes and gives confirmation to the child, for his identification with his/her reflection, leading him/her to the deceptive recognition of her/himself as another and to a fission. The desire that exists outside the subject can never be captured by the mirror. So, Plop, an ordinary character, appears smudgy and confused, performing a morning move, made by many, to leisure at its cell phone. There, all the other little people seem white, complete, cohesive. It looks out of its window (which can also be symbolic) and it sees the same situation. In the mirror now Plop is also white. In amazement sees its image as a coherent unity, but looking down, the emptiness of desire is upon its own body, which is still disoriented like his thoughts. Thus, realizing that it cannot do anything about it. The film was created for the 3D graphics course, by Professor Dimitris Agathopoulos, at the Postgraduate Department of Digital Art Forms, Athens School of Fine Arts.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts