Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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The song of Yue / 越女长歌

Screening: Professional Competition 1
China 2020
Duration: 06:37
Directed: Li Bofan , Yang Han
Screenplay: Li Bofan , Yang Han
Production: Xu Xiaoxiao, Cheng Hao
Dialogue Language: Chinese

The story is inspired by the anecdotes and experience in the early years of Yin Guifang, the ‘emperor of the Yue opera’. In the harem, the leading lady dressed in bottom drawer is looking at herself in the mirror with a mournful countenance, and a fierce knocking is urging her to get married. Escape or submit? Opening the window and looking down, she cannot help but think of that when she was young, she was attracted by Yue opera on the stage, then began to study the opera hard. She witnessed the Yue opera master she adores was forced to leave the opera stage and get married,, but now she encountered the same fate, what choice should she make? To be a canary in the harem, or a person acting in opera stages? This film tributes to every woman who pursues her dreams. When encountering the darkest moment in her life, she never forgets her own original intention and courage.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts