Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Scream For Ice

Screening: Student Competition 1
Turkey 2021
Duration: 04:02
Directed: Emir Aytemür
Screenplay: Emir Aytemür
Production: Emir Aytemür
Dialogue Language: English

The Sun shines, ice melts A polar bear on its own A child cries out ah! The haiku poem you read above is the core of the "Scream For Ice". And the narrative form of "Scream For Ice" is based on the traditional Japanese art of poetry, Haiku. 2021 Winner - Best Animated Film - 4th BNP Paribas Green Film Festival - Poland Winner - Foresight Festival No5 - Germany Winner - RenewablesTV Film Awards - Germany Winner - Animated Film - Short Cut Film Festival - Serbia Winner - Best Animation Film - Izmit International Short Film Festival - Turkey Winner - Animated Film - 15th Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival - Turkey Winner - Special Mention - Best Animated Film - Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano - Italy Winner - Güzel Ordu GO Short Film Festival - Turkey Honourable Mention - IMEFF International Migration & Environmental Film Festival Canada Honourable Mention - Deep Focus Film Festival - USA Honourable Mention - rolling ideas - Russia Honourable Mention - International Innovation Film Festival - Switzerland

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