Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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MiTCH-MATCH series #22.

Screening: Professional Competition 2
Hungary 2020
Duration: 02:43
Directed: Géza M. Tóth
Screenplay: Géza M. Tóth
Production: Géza M. Tóth
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

There’s only one matchstick left in the box. This matchstick, this ordinary thing is the protagonist of MITCH-MATCH series. The main character is a blue headed matchstick, that embarks on a journey in every episode and always returns to the box at the end of lots of strange, playful and imaginative adventures. A single matchstick, an easy-to-use object and at the same time opportunity for creative experiences that evokes everyone’s fantasy world.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts