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Screening: Student Competition 2
Austria 2021
Duration: 05:10
Created: Elisabeth Semmler - Emily Faderbauer - Kerstin Helmlinger - Katja Senn
Dialogue Language: English

In the 2D-animated short “Mochi”, the Japanese dessert of the same name symbolizes family and friendship. With a setting in Europe, this story follows a Japanese teenage girl named Milli, who lives with her grandma. Just after Millis grandma is brought to the hospital, she is greeted by her newly arrived neighbour, Nala. To comfort her dear grandma, Milli plans to make Mochi – which her grandma used to make her when she was feeling down – without the slightest clue how.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts
e-mail: info@iconafestival.eu
URL: avarts.ionio.gr