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The Melody Of Loneliness / نغمه تنهایی

Screening: Professional Competition 6
Iran 2022
Duration: 09:45
Directed: Samira Azimian
Screenplay: Samira Azimian
Production: Samira Azimian
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

The Melody of Loneliness is the story of a Kurdish girl who has to weave carpets for her foreman in order to make a living. To endure loneliness, she creates her dreams and depicts them in the form of carpet motifs. Finally, after weaving several carpets, she faces the truth and accepts it, but weaving dreams is the only reason for her to live, though all her carpets will be given to others. The girl weaves and weaves and years go by. She, who has now reached old age, dies on the last carpet she has woven for herself, and her soul is freed from the captivity of her body.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts