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Xodó ’n’ Kutuca in Hi Phone!

Screening: Professional Competition 7
Brazil 2021
Duration: 10:00
Directed: Marcos Frei
Screenplay: Marcos Frei
Production: Marcos Frei

Xodó, the pencil, comes in dancing and has fun drawing a Smartphone, when he has the idea of drawing a bird inside the Smartphone. Still not happy, he animates the bird. But he is surprised to see Kutuca, the eraser, arriving, who has been erasing the drawing. Annoyed, Xodó returns and redoes the drawing. But Kutuca comes back and starts to black out again. Xodó returns and confronts Kutuca. Kutuca even retreating, continues to erase. Finally, Kutuca erases a large part of the Smartphone's design and to everyone's surprise, the bird flies away and transforms itself into a real bird. Xodó and Kutuca are happy and go out playing with each other on the road.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts