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Elegy of Elephant / 象群挽歌

2nd Place - International Student Short Animation - Jury

Screening: Student Competition 5
China 2022
Duration: 08:29
Directed: Sijie Lu
Screenplay: Congyue Zhang, Wei Xiong
Production: Shengying of Ai

Fleeing from poachers,small elephant Nana was accidentally saved by a Dai old man. The old man took good care of Nana, healing her scars. Nana gradually shed her fear of humans and became dependent on the old man. However, knowing that Nana ultimately belongs to nature, the old man set her free in the mountains, where the elephant herd were. 30 years past by, Nana had become the leader of the elephant herd. Somehow, Nana felt that the old man died. Determinedly, She led the elephant herd travel through mountains, just to offer the final elegy for the old man.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts