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0ur Roof Garden / 屋顶的菜园子

Screening: Student Competition 5
China 2022
Duration: 09:13
Directed: Jiaxi Xu
Screenplay: Jiaxi Xu
Production: Shengying of Ai

At the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, having grow up in Chongqing and also hated it so much, Xiaoye had to stay in the home she hated the most. Xiaoye's father also resigned at this time, and Xiaoye, who had not spent much time with her father since childhood, began to spend time with him. The longer she stayed at home, the more upset she became. Her father began to gardening and grow vegetables on the roof. She went from not understanding to joining him. In the arrival of spring, in the news that the epidemic situation has eased, our protagonist Xiaoye, reconciled with her father and Chongqing, the city she hated the most in the past, slowly and quietly.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts