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So the butterfly died in that summer / 所以蝴蝶死在了那个夏天

Screening: Student Competition 5
China 2022
Duration: 13:21
Directed: Ziyue Wang
Screenplay: Ziyue Wang
Production: Shengying of Ai

The story is about a girl who remembers her adolescence from the first perspective, remembering her beloved teacher who died unexpectedly and the time that has passed. She recalls the stories she experienced at the end of the summer when she was fifteen years old. All the ordinary or extraordinary youth and the hot summer ended with the sudden death of her beloved teacher, and the four of them were forced to embark on a one-way train with time and death. Things of the past, realized or unrealized, living or dead, have not yet dissipated. The days ahead would still not stop. Each of them has grown up this way and will then embark on their respective journeys.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts