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Go! Get it / 去吧!接住它

Screening: Student Competition 3
China 2022
Duration: 05:13
Directed: Xiangning Guo
Screenplay: Xiangning Guo, Yuwei Zhang, Jianglin Lin
Production: Shengying of Ai
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

Our work tells a story about the friendship between a girl and her disabled puppy. The girl meets the puppy in her childhood and they spend a happy time together. But as she grows into adolescence, the girl's attitude toward the dog moved from intimacy to estrangement. When she finally realizes the value of their friendship, she has to face the fact that her puppy has come to the end of its life.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts
e-mail: info@iconafestival.eu
URL: avarts.ionio.gr