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My Father's Damn Camera! / Ta presneta ocetova kamera!

Screening: Professional Competition 3
Slovenia 2021
Duration: 06:40
Directed: Milos Tomic
Screenplay: Milos Tomic
Animation: Milos Tomic, Aleksandar Petkovic
Production: Mojca Pernat
Dialogue Language: Slovenian

A reckless boy in an almost desperate and therefore troublesome way persistently seeks the attention of his father – a photographer. Being confronted with his father’s artistic chaos and his obsessive fascination with photography-life, on his path of growing up these elements eventually become essential for strengthening their father-son bond. In a story that intertwines hand-drawn and stop animation in collage technique, the author takes his audience on a ride through the archive of Slovenian photographer Dragiša Modrinjak, and at the same time draws from personal experience as a filmmaker and father.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts