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Day after Day/ .01

Screening: Student Greek Competition
Greece 2022
Duration: 04:38
Directed: Andriana Mila
Screenplay: Andriana Mila
Production: Andriana Mila
Dialogue Language: English, Modern Greek (1453-)

"Day after Day" is a thinking process about our lives and the way they pass in front of our eyes like a Dream and a sweet Memory, both of them as the medium of self-exploration and reading of our inner psyche. Digital world gives birth to imagination, through virtual reality. Representation of the Cinema's Big Screen, night's stars and Creator's Digital Museum are things that are selected to show the life of ours and dreams passing in front of our eyes as someone's eyes who is sitting in front of the big screen and waits for the "movie" to start. "Life is meant to be a forgotten memory" is the expression that characterizes the mood of the video as the creator's personal belief, in a more poetic reading and interpretation of the connection that memory has with our everyday life and our dreams.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts