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Water / Neer

Screening: Student Competition 7
India 2022
Duration: 07:03
Directed: Triparna Maiti
Screenplay: Triparna Maiti
Dialogue Language: Bengali

Neerbhukhi, a demon by birth wishes to live like a human. But the villagers believe that their village, Barreshire is cursed with dearth of water due to Neerbhukhi, and outcast her. While she sadly longs to befriend them, she witnesses her effigy burnt as part of a sacrificing ritual. In one such ritual, as the villagers parade to pray for water, a fairy appears out of the darkness. She plays flute and enchants the whole forest with her melodious music until her fairy mask falls off and the disguised Neerbhukhi gets revealed. Chased and humiliated Neerbhukhi hides in a dry, abandoned well where she weeps her heart out. Her tears flood the well and gush out into waterfalls flooding the rivers. Ever since the village has been blessed with water while it is believed that the demon is still crying inside the well.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts