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Eastern romance / Romans wschodni

Screening: Student Competition 5
Poland 2021
Duration: 08:57
Directed: Anna Tabi Jasinska
Screenplay: Anna Tabi Jasinska
Production: Agata GolaƄska
Dialogue Language: Polish

In a beautiful Nymph falls in love, a young man who will do anything for her. She uses it to fulfill her bloody whims. When a lover plucks his own Adam's apple for her, he dies at her feet. A curse is imposed on the Nymph. They rot and sting her legs. She goes to the Witch with this, who explains to her that the only way to get rid of the spell is to kiss true love. The Nymph, to ease the pain, cools them down in a forest stream. While waiting for a new feeling to come, she realizes that she must first love herself.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts