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Can you see the real me? / 你看得到真正的我吗?

Screening: Student Competition 6
Duration: 10:15
Directed: 叶 静
Screenplay: 叶 静
Production: 叶 静
Dialogue Language: Chinese, Japanese

This work is based on the interviews with 15 patients with mental illnesses (mental disorders) collected through the Internet in 2020, and the content was organized and redesigned in the form of an animated short film. Through the interviews, we learned that bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is difficult to diagnose and medicate correctly. There are two basic types of bipolar disorder, among them, and type II is defined as a pattern of depressive episodes and mild manic episodes. In its pathological manifestations, it is very similar to the presenting features of depression. This leads to frequent misdiagnosis and incorrect medication in the diagnosis process, and this treatment process causes different degrees of physical and psychological damage to the patient. Against the above background, this work was created to express the inner world of the main character who suffers from "bipolar disorder. Through this work, we hope to make more people understand and recognize the mental illness of "bipolar disorder", and to convey the inner world of people who suffering from this mental illness to the audience, so that they can think about how to get along with them.

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