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Student Competition 6

Friday 01/12/2023 11:00 - 13:00, Friday 01/12/2023 23:00 - 01:00
Total Duration: 1:54:11

  1. Joss Lotuses to Grandma 06:15 United States 2022
    Directed: Stefie Gan
    Production: Kendra Mitchell

    Logline: A girl returns to Malaysia after her grandma’s death. The film explores their bond, the biculturalism of immigration, and the cultural rituals that can help heal grief and the loss of separation. More detailed synopsis: Meimei grows up in Taiping, Malaysia with Grandma and learns the traditional practices of her culture. Grandma introduces Meimei to the gods, and Meimei teases them. When Meimei moves to New York City, she loses her connection with her culture. Meimei returns to Malaysia after her grandma’s death.

  2. Nepal 02:31 Russian Federation 2022
    Directed: Maria Gavrilenko
    Screenplay: Maria Gavrilenko
    Production: Boris Mashkovtsev

    The pages of the travel diary are turned and the drawings come to life, immersing viewers in the exotic atmosphere of Nepal.

  3. Easy busy 03:37 Russian Federation 2022
    Directed: Ekaterina Ganakh
    Screenplay: Ekaterina Ganakh
    Production: Boris Mashkovtsev

    A story about how important it is to stay calm and not panic, even if you know that a fiery meteorite will fall on you in a minute.

  4. Fox child / Fuchskind 12:58 Germany 2022
    Directed: Jan Čapar
    Screenplay: Jan Čapar
    Production: Jan Čapar, Maud Heyne, Jansen Čapar

    - "Fox child" tells a story about acceptance and healing facing a congenital illness. - "Fox child" tells the story of a young girl living with tourette's syndrome, a neurological disorder resulting in "tics" - seemingly involuntary twitches and movements as well as tic-like vocal expressions. Being different than the other kids her age she tries to gain acceptance but faces teasing and rejection on a daily basis. After a bad day, being rejected even by her mother, she meets a mysterious fox who leads her into a magical world inside of herself where she begins a journey to learn how to face and to accept her tics and how to gain back her confidence and self-love. (This is a student film.)

  5. My Home / 吾家 06:40 Taiwan 2023
    Directed: SIN-YU WANG
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The snail loses its home and is forced to move away from it, stepping into the unknown and dangerous human world. Terrible disasters and unexpected adventures hit it one after another. The end of this journey is just to seek a peaceful and stable place. life, a warm home.

  6. Legacy / Örökrész 09:00 Hungary 2023
    Directed: Tamás Ivády
    Screenplay: Tamás Ivády
    Production: József Fülöp
    Dialogue Language: Hungarian

    ENG: A woman has lost her grandmother. The granny's apartment is now lifeless, only a few boxes lie in the living room. But is that really all that is left behind her? HUN: Egy nő elveszíti a nagymamáját. A nagymama lakása immár élettelen, csak pár doboz fekszik a nagyszobában. De vajon tényleg csak ennyi maradt utána?

  7. The lost night / La nuit des illusions ~迷走の夜~ 06:24 China 2023
    Directed: YUXUAN ZHANG
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    One night, at a crowded street, a woman meet these illusions. Everyone passed, but only she couldn't. This is a dream made with light and shadow. But is it just a ephemeral dream?

  8. AMER 06:50 France 2022
    Directed: Christophe Greenough, Alexandre Pamart, Lucy Donnot, Duncan Delionnet, Constance Mancheron, Sacha Amsalem, Lea Maureaux, Teddy Bres

    An old man enters a cabaret to see a mermaids dance, through his memories we discover their common past.

  9. GONE, LOOKING FOR LIFE 06:02 France 2022
    Directed: Féraud Léa, Mével Pierre, De Jesus Souto Isaac, Molinier Laurent, Péchillon Léandre, Buisson Anthony

    In an old abandoned garage in the morning, a dog is looking for food. He wakes up a robot, laying on the ground. The robot notices that his left arm is broken. He can not fix it and decides to throw it away. He scans the dog and notices that he is harmless. His battery is low and his dashboard shows “no humans around”. In his field of vision, he sees the dog bringing him back the arm he threw earlier. He doesn’t understand the dog’s desire so he ignores it and leaves the hangar.

  10. Can you see the real me? / 你看得到真正的我吗? 10:15 China
    Directed: 叶 静
    Screenplay: 叶 静
    Production: 叶 静
    Dialogue Language: Chinese, Japanese

    This work is based on the interviews with 15 patients with mental illnesses (mental disorders) collected through the Internet in 2020, and the content was organized and redesigned in the form of an animated short film. Through the interviews, we learned that bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is difficult to diagnose and medicate correctly. There are two basic types of bipolar disorder, among them, and type II is defined as a pattern of depressive episodes and mild manic episodes. In its pathological manifestations, it is very similar to the presenting features of depression. This leads to frequent misdiagnosis and incorrect medication in the diagnosis process, and this treatment process causes different degrees of physical and psychological damage to the patient. Against the above background, this work was created to express the inner world of the main character who suffers from "bipolar disorder. Through this work, we hope to make more people understand and recognize the mental illness of "bipolar disorder", and to convey the inner world of people who suffering from this mental illness to the audience, so that they can think about how to get along with them.

  11. Soft Lights and Silver Shadows 15:00 United States 2023
    Directed: Ian Kelly

    A family reconstructs the fragments of memories forgotten by a loved one, in this kaleidoscopic animated documentary.

  12. Camp Kona 05:36 United States 2023
    Directed: Adriel Meka
    Screenplay: Adriel Meka
    Production: Kaitlin Goldstein, Katja Custodio
    Dialogue Language: English

    A lonely kid makes an unexpected friend when he’s forced to attend a summer camp with a dark secret.

  13. The Nighthawk Is Not a Hawk 08:25 China 2023
    Directed: WANG Junjie
    Production: FUYAMA Taruto
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The Nighthawk is an ugly bird. So ugly that everyone thinks he stole the name and the Hawk demands that he relinquish it. The Nighthawk cannot accept this, but he also realizes that he's not much different from the Hawk.

  14. For The Last Time Only 03:01 Turkey 2023
    Directed: Selin Toprak
    Dialogue Language: English

    “For the Last Time Only” is a short film about a young girl traveling inside her own mind. She is trying to find answers to questions in her mind about her grandpa who passed away only recently. We see her recovering from her loss through her thoughts and conscious.

  15. Crown Shyness 09:52 China 2023
    Directed: Xueyi Fang
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    At a fork in the woods, twins make their choice.

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