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Professional Competition 6

Sunday 06/12/2020 12:00 - 15:00, Monday 07/12/2020 03:00 - 06:00
Total Duration: 2:31:24

  1. Tithonos & the Goddess of Dawn / Tithonos & die Göttin der Morgenröte 13:06 Germany 2019
    Created: Jörg Weidner
    Dialogue Language: German

    The Goddess of Dawn is cursed to love mortals. She wants one of her lovers – the trojan prince Tithonos – to stay at her side forever and he is granted immortality from Zeus. Unfortunately they forgot to ask for eternal youth as well.

  2. The Saviour 02:39 India 2020
    Created: Arjun Mukherjee
    Screenplay: Arjun Mukherjee
    Dialogue Language: English

    Based on a true story that happened in Nabha, Punjab. Sometimes the biggest crisis brings out the best in people. When you hear the whistle today, please know what to do. Here is the original video in Nabha Punjab where you can see how people giving their love and respect to the frontline worker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNAy5yntz0o

  3. WOOD CHILD & HIDDEN FOREST MOTHER 09:34 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Stephen Irwin
    Screenplay: Stephen Irwin

    Deep in the forest, a hunter encounters a strange creature he cannot kill.

  4. The Dead Hands of Dublin 07:34 Ireland 2020
    Honorary Mentions - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Leo Crowley
    Screenplay: Leo Crowley
    Production: Niamh Herrity
    Dialogue Language: English

    The film tells the story of Sidney, a failed pianist who comes into the possession of a pair of enchanted gloves. Upon wearing them he soon finds himself playing the piano like a maestro and all his dreams are quickly realised! However just when he thinks he has everything he has ever wanted fate deals him a cruel hand...

  5. The Deer 06:21 Czech Republic 2019
    Created: Nazar Germanov
    Screenplay: Nazar Germanov
    Production: Nazar Germanov
    Dialogue Language: English

    The hunter shoots the dear and finds a wounded girl instead of his prey

  6. MOTHER 03:05 India 2019
    1st Place - Professional Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Gaurav Wakankar
    Screenplay: Gaurav Wakankar
    Production: Gaurav Wakankar

    A mother and her boy find themselves pushed to ethical extremes when they stumble upon something sinister during a regular day of foraging.

  7. Reflexion 05:00 France 2020
    Created: Alan Bidard
    Screenplay: Alan Bidard
    Production: Alan Bidard, Jose Nerain, Camille Bidard
    Dialogue Language: English

    When social distancing goes wrong...

  8. The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr. Jay / O Peculiar Crime do Estranho Sr. Jacinto 10:50 Portugal 2019
    3rd Place - Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Honorary Mentions - Professional Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Bruno Caetano
    Screenplay: Manuel Ruas Moreira, Bruno Caetano
    Production: Bruno Caetano
    Dialogue Language: English

    In a city where Nature has been forbidden, a small crime by a simple man triggers a chain of unexpected consequences.

  9. Toyhood 03:41 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Zoë Hutber
    Dialogue Language: English

    A stop-motion mockumentary about toys and the children they work with, made by matching unscripted interviews with animated puppets.

  10. Madrid 2120 / MADRID 2120 07:00 Spain 2019
    Created: José Luis Quirós, Paco Sáez
    Screenplay: José Luis Quirós, Paco Sáez
    Production: Nicolas Matji
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Madrid. Life in the big city has become a class struggle: up or down, that is now the difference. Nitrogreen, a highly unstable liquid capable of generating instant vegetation, is the most valuable contraband merchandise. In a failed distribution of the liquid a taxi driver is involved in the most important decision of his life.

  11. der und die 09:35 Germany 2019
    Created: Peter Böving
    Screenplay: Peter Böving
    Production: Peter Böving
    Dialogue Language: German

    A love poem by Ernst Jandl is the basis for a musical "Tête-à-tête" between a Dresden woman and a Martian. In a rental car it comes fast to a rushing love scene, which ends in total chaos in the environment of a violent Monday demo.

  12. Claudete and the cake / Claudete e o bolo 04:37 Brazil 2020
    Created: Fádhia Salomão
    Screenplay: Fádhia Salomão
    Production: Fádhia Salomão
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    She loves making cakes and does it with real passion, this is Claudete. Her cakes are appreciated by all and that pleases her, but when she is overwhelmed by excessive demand, Claudete will have to take action.

  13. ALTÖTTING 11:23 Germany 2020
    1st Place - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Andreas Hykade
    Screenplay: Andreas Hykade
    Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Marc Bertrand, Abi Feijo
    Dialogue Language: English, French, German

    You know, when I was a boy, I fell in love with the Virgin Mary. It happened in a little Bavarian town called ALTÖTTING.

  14. A flamingo called Tango / Un fenicottero chiamato Tango 08:22 Italy 2019
    Created: Antonella Arca
    Screenplay: Antonella Arca, Gustavo Gini
    Production: Sandro Murtas

    The short movie tells the story of a flamingo called Tango. The movie take place in Sardinia and the idea was born around the idea that a flamingo in Spanish language is called "Flamenco". In the same language the word flamenco means a genre of music, so from here takes place the conflict of the character that is called Tango, as the Argentinian genre of music.

  15. Smoking kills. / Kajenje ubija. 08:59 Slovenia 2020
    Created: Jerca Oblak
    Production: Jerca Oblak

    The writer finds inspiration for her writing in the cigarette boxes. Warning images that are on them, remind her to the story from the past. The story of her mother, that is becoming more and more real, and eventually it becomes hers. The film explores our creative process, the process from the first association to the final creation. Based on the short story “Kajenje ubija” by Mateja Arnež.

  16. The tree of lost souls / El árbol de las almas perdidas 15:00 Spain 2019
    Created: Laura Zamora
    Screenplay: Laura Zamora
    Production: Laura Zamora
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    The Tree of the Lost Souls is a story of tenderness and fantasy that really make us reflect on our lives and the parts of ourselves that we have lost. It is the story of Lili, an introverted 11 year old girl who uses her imagination as a refuge from the world around her; a world that has been falling apart due to the disappearance of her father, her mother's indifference towards her, betrayed friendship, and disappointment in love. But everything changes when she cries herself to sleep under a strange tree, under the watchful eye of Mr. Crow. Through this tree, Lili's soul travels to a timeless world that is populated by lost souls, even as her body lays slumbering on the roots of the tree.

  17. Running after wall 10:00 Russian Federation 2020
    Created: Liana Makaryan
    Screenplay: Liana Makaryan
    Production: Vladimir Gassiev
    Dialogue Language: English

    What if you'll get into your worst nightmare? For example, if your dad became a child and you have to run after him like if you've changed roles.

  18. The girl in red dress and yellow hat 12:50 Chile 2019
    Created: Alvaro Rozas Leiva
    Screenplay: Alvaro Rozas Leiva, Aarón Navia Campos
    Production: Aarón Navia Campos
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Every night a mysterious girl in red dress and yellow hat, passionately throws herself on Pablo's arms at the train station, the trouble is that he is in love with his wife.

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