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Student Competition 3

Saturday 05/12/2020 09:00 - 12:00, Saturday 05/12/2020 21:00 - 00:00
Total Duration: 2:28:21

  1. Ginkgo 05:42 France 2019
    Created: Romain Beuriot, Sandrine Gomes Cabral, Claire Nimsgern Anglard, Clara Lux-Romero, Sarah Berteaux
    Screenplay: Romain Beuriot
    Production: Franck Petitta

    A small ball will seek its place in the world around it.

  2. IHR 06:10 Switzerland 2019
    Created: Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle
    Screenplay: Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle
    Production: Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    IHR (THEM) is the story about a building with an inner courtyard an its inhabitants. While the different character follow their everyday routines, trash slowly begins to pile up in the courtyard. What seems harmless in the beginning, one night escalates to a total disaster.

  3. St. Moritz 06:02 Israel 2019
    Created: Joseph Balaclav, Raz Sonnenfeld
    Screenplay: Joseph balaclav, Margarita Balaklav
    Production: Joseph balaclav, Raz sonnenfeld
    Dialogue Language: Hebrew, Russian

    The relations between a mother and son are tested during the preparations for the Passover cleaning ritual.

  4. The pigeon 04:04 Iran 2020
    Created: Zahra ebadi

    "The world is filled with various puppets. They are born. They grow up and become puppets. This is how they live. They're all the same... But you... I know what you are. The puppets know you as an alien... an alien that defies them. They are going to fall into decay. But you saved me. Now I show who you really are... just look at your blue hands...". THE PIGEON

  5. Farewell Future 06:00 France 2020
    Created: Louis-Paul Caron
    Screenplay: Louis-Paul Caron
    Dialogue Language: English

    A woman grieves for a futuristic world she dreamed of but never will know. In transit from an era of high technology to another one of low technology, she’s left with nostalgia of a time that never happened. The story is a metaphor of humanity, which must radically change its perspective, abandon its desire for high technology and unlimited growth, and invent new possible futures. A new era rises, inspired by the past, a resilient and sustainable world, where the time goes slower and love lives longer.

  6. We are Alone 05:00 United States 2020
    Created: Matthew Minchello
    Dialogue Language: English

    What does a teardrop feel after it's left the eye?

  7. The Fishman 04:40 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Leto S. Meade, Agata Leniartek

    The journey of a dying fish’s last moments. “The Fishman” formally embodies the transitory, shapeshifting nature of life and the inevitability of change by plunging its disembodied anthropomorphic protagonist between different mediums and styles.

  8. Comfortable Position 04:12 Uzbekistan 2019
    Created: "DRF Children Animation Studio"
    Dialogue Language: English

    When a person falls asleep, he immersed in another reality ,where anything can happen to him. He can fly above the ground in red slippers. Or he can be eaten by a green bear. Or he can see the blue house falling. And when a person wakes up, he can probably remember nothing. As if he did not exist all this time ... What do you feel when you are asleep?

  9. NoWhereMan 04:33 United States 2020
    Created: Chong Liu, Kuan Ting Lu
    Screenplay: Chong Liu
    Production: Han Chen Chang
    Dialogue Language: English, Russian

    NoWhereMan is a five-minute 3D animated short film, about the world's first time traveler. The story follows a marshal who announces their first time travel experiment to the public. However, the experiment goes haywire when the main character gets trapped in the repetitive timeline forever. Behind this shallow success is an ironic truth.

  10. The End 04:37 Netherlands 2019
    Created: Wiebe Bonnema
    Screenplay: Wiebe Bonnema
    Production: Wiebe Bonnema

    We continue to follow a cowboy on his path into the empty nothingness of the desert after he rides out of the town he just saved.

  11. PrePAWsterous 04:22 United States 2020
    Created: Areli Quinonez
    Production: Kimberly Marsing, Eryn Suchara

    When the going gets ruff, two rival pup scouts have to work together to investigate the mystery of their missing treats.

  12. The Death Vendor / 死の商人 05:40 Korea, Republic of 2019
    Created: Jeon JInkyu
    Screenplay: Jeon JInkyu
    Production: Yamamura Koji

    One day a boy encounters a street vendor who sells chicks.Even the boy knows these birds will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling none other than death itself.

  13. Moundform 04:04 Canada 2020
    Created: Catherine Slilaty

    Moundform is an experimental animated film which swallows the viewer into a body of unrest as it navigates saturation and disconnect: abstracted organic forms depict tumultuous, vital transformations powered by resilience.

  14. Naked 04:40 Argentina 2019
    Created: Marco Buontempo
    Screenplay: Marco Buontempo
    Dialogue Language: English

    He remains alone in his castle, until the quietness in his threads is disrupted by a movement, which undoes and strips. He battles.

  15. luminous 05:28 Russian Federation 2020
    Created: Alina Tsedenova, Evgenia Sheynina

    In order not to get lost in a dark forest, the main character collects light in her lantern. However, a sudden noise interrupts a calm journey: a magical bird is calling for help. This creature cannot live without light so the girl helps the bird with her lantern. Then she continues her journey, this time with a found new friend. But what happens if the lantern goes out?

  16. Riddled 05:00 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Daisy Evans
    Screenplay: Daisy Evans
    Production: Daisy Evans
    Dialogue Language: English

    Ava is diagnosed with ‘Snakes’, a common but strange condition that takes the form of three pythons. Ashamed of her diagnosis, she attempts to conceal her condition whilst on a date with the handsome (and incredibly shallow) Richard Fandango. Despite her efforts, the evening takes an unfortunate turn...

  17. YLLI 06:06 Spain 2020
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Interpretation of an individuation process according to the jungian archetypes theories.

  18. Unearthly 06:03 Singapore 2020
    1st Place - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Chan Guanhua
    Production: Chan Guanhua

    "Unearthly" is a 3D Animation short focused on two siblings who discover a macaque and fox mask in a forest. When worn, the masks allow them to take on animal traits. Things take a darker turn when the masks begin working on them in unexpected ways. But is it always the animal who turns out more savage than man?

  19. STRAYS 04:00 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Dobrawa Hopaluk
    Screenplay: Dobrawa Hopaluk
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    One night a stranger arrives. Others don't know him, but he is very familiar with the pack. What is the reason behind his appearance?

  20. Sanctuary / Santuário 05:55 Portugal 2020
    Created: Tyffany Vieira Reis, Pedro Miguel Santos Bilé, Diogo Samuel Marchã da Costa, Hugo Manuel Moreira dos Santos
    Production: Tyffany Vieira Reis, Pedro Miguel Santos Bilé, Diogo Samuel Marchã da Costa, Hugo Miguel Moreira dos Santos
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    A boy is on a journey accompanied with his doll and his board in a vast desert with giant statues. The boy goes from statue to statue with the help of his doll that indicates where the essences are.

  21. Any Instant Whatever 05:12 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Michelle Brand
    Production: Michelle Brand
    Dialogue Language: English

    A man in a room, in a film – it is the becoming of something and simultaneously becoming in itself. Nothing is as solid as we believe. The film explores our perception of time and change, bodies and objects, and our inability to comprehend the full motion of things.

  22. Dinosaurs : The True Story / Dinosaures : La vraie Histoire 04:22 France 2020
    Created: Paul-Louis AEBERHARDT
    Production: Julia TRUONG, Chaghig HARMANDAYAN
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Let us tell you the true story of Dinosaurs. The one that as been hidden from us since time immemorial. Imagine a world where dinosaurs have survived, where they have evolved, even to the point of being ready to face their biggest enemy: the asteroid.

  23. TOC 05:00 Spain 2019
    Created: Aitor Herrero
    Screenplay: Aitor Herrero
    Production: Álvaro Iranzo Barreira

    Toc, a prehistoric man with obsessive compulsive disorder will live a love story so exciting that it will be remembered until our days.

  24. WOULD YOU PLEASE? 04:30 Belgium 2020
    Created: Ada Güvenir
    Screenplay: Ada Güvenir
    Production: Ada Güvenir

    A modern day love story, in the right place but at the wrong time.

  25. In Your Head 04:00 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Hana Nagoor M.
    Screenplay: Hana Nagoor M.
    Production: Hana Nagoor M.

    Joe has a nightmare experience as he struggles to write his exam paper. Will he be able to finish his paper on time? Or will his nightmare last forever…

  26. Problems / Problémy 04:26 Slovakia 2020
    Created: Andrea Pátková , Veronika Valentová

    A clip in which the image creates a unified whole with the music and lyrics of a well-known Slovak jazz singer. Rhythm and image in a fascinating connection. A classic cartoon animation that illustrates the impressive lyrics of a song in a playful way and through unobtrusive humor.

  27. Between two worlds / Entre mundos 06:00 Argentina 2019
    Created: Franco Ariel Malizia
    Screenplay: Franco Ariel Malizia
    Production: Fiorina Dutto-Carossia
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Leeloo, a young survival from the decay of his home planet, enters in a state of anguish as he remembers the moments with his family.

  28. Hit and Run 04:18 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Hannah Brewerton
    Screenplay: Hannah Brewerton
    Production: Royal College of Art

    Things get surreal when the Brits play baseball. A satirical film about modern British politics and tactics of distraction.

  29. Marbles 05:00 Poland 2019
    Created: Natalia Spychala
    Production: Agata Golańska / The National Film School in Łódź
    Dialogue Language: English, Polish

    A stop motion animation made with threads on a vaseline coated glass plate. Hypnotizing pendulum sets a particular mechanism in motion. A figure appearing fragmentarily, space and a variety of objects form a rhythmic system of mutual dependence. Sound interweaves with image, creating music of repetitive events. What is the cause and what is the effect?

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