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Professional Competition 4

Saturday 05/12/2020 18:00 - 21:00, Sunday 06/12/2020 06:00 - 09:00
Total Duration: 2:33:17

  1. White Lobster / Langosta Blanca 08:35 Mexico 2019
    Created: Paul Gomez Lopez
    Screenplay: Paull Gomez Lopez, Eddy Guifarro
    Production: Luis Enrique Andrade Nery, Gonzalo Estrada
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    3 humble fishermen surviving in a unpropitious sea, today they find a white lobster that will drag them to a dark greed path.

  2. CHESS 06:30 Russian Federation 2019
    Created: Alexey Pochivalov
    Screenplay: Alexey Pochivalov

    Unexpected clay chess game ...

  3. Has the Sun Turned Up Next Morning 06:10 Uzbekistan 2020
    Created: Hristina Belousova
    Screenplay: Hristina Belousova
    Production: Dante Rustav
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    This abstract film is a fantasy on the theme of violence, collected from the feelings, pain and stress. The fantasy which is visual, textual and musical ... It invites you to plunge into the moment ‘after the violence’ and to speculate about the feeling of something that exists within us .... maybe the soul itself?

  4. (study for) Swedge of Heaven 09:43 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Richard Forbes-Hamilton

    Swedge of Heaven is a moving image project that continues a line of the artist's practice engaging with the nature of experience in relation to place – particularly through the perspective of being connected to a place whilst simultaneously being a stranger to or outside of it. Using real world locations in Essex, Swedge of Heaven explores liminal/transitional/peripheral spaces and realms, navigated by a reanimated rave mascot and a wooden Neolithic fertility figure. Although from distant moments in history, the protagonists are both figures indicative of ritual gathering created by Essex communities. Within the work the isolated figures hover in cultural/historical flux, a state of simultaneous belonging and alienation as they pass through and around places seemingly suspended on the edge of conventional time and space. The project employs experimental digital animation techniques that bring together 3D generated models of real world objects/sites and computer generated actors that navigate in and out of these virtual real world spaces.

  5. Rude Sleeping Beauty 03:00 United States 2020
    Created: Paul Baker
    Screenplay: Paul Baker
    Production: Paul Baker, Cindy Maram
    Dialogue Language: English

    The real story of Sleeping Beauty.

  6. SATURNO 07:11 Argentina 2019
    Created: Gaspar Aguirre
    Screenplay: Gaspar Aguirre
    Production: Román Sovrano
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    On a rainy night, a young man receives a strange and unexpected visit. Someone seems to be interested in him and his dear Saturno.

  7. Raccoon With Bitcoin / Bitcoin'i OlanRakun 03:48 Turkey 2020
    Created: Serdar Çotuk
    Screenplay: Serdar Çotuk
    Production: Berat İlk, Serdar Çotuk
    Dialogue Language: Turkish

    A jammed elevator, a Raccoon and his Bitcoin. Among Flamingos, the Raccoon who lost his Bitcoin in chaos, goes after Flamingos.

  8. Pangäa 13:30 Austria 2020
    Created: Markus Keim, Beate Hecher
    Screenplay: Markus Keim, Beate Hecher
    Production: Beate Hecher, Markus Keim

    In the field of tension between work and private retreat, the downfall of an administrative officer is sketched who is no longer up to his changing environment and who finally succumbs to it through his own disappearance. As an administrative employee of a corporate group, the protagonist experiences the same constant stations of his monotonous everyday life. Quite casually and at first unnoticed by him, his surroundings begin to change and deform until one morning he finds an empty office and is confronted with the fact that this everyday life no longer exists. What remains is a society without a human face in a deserted architecture... a city minus people in its poetic and cruel beauty.

  9. London Holidays 11:00 Latvia 2019
    Created: Janis Cimmermanis
    Screenplay: Maris Putnins
    Production: Maris Putnins

    The men of the "Rescue team" are finally on holiday and are traveling on their yellow boat through the English Channel. The satellite phone is ringing; London's famous clock "Big Ben" has broke down and the "Rescue team" rushes to fix it. Morning comes and “Big Ben” is working again! However, when it comes time to ring, the solution found by the “Rescue team” is a great surprise to the Queen of England...

  10. Cracks in the Pavement / Entre Baldosas 08:51 Argentina 2019
    Created: Nicolas Conte
    Screenplay: Nicolas Conte, Micaela Doll
    Production: Nicolas Conte

    A beautiful and delicate flower grows amidst the asphalt jungle. A street rubbish bin witnesses the mistreatment of the Flower in the polluted public way. Concerned about her torment, the rubbish bin seeks a way to protect her.

  11. Difference and Repetition and Coffee 04:45 Japan
    Created: Masa Kudo
    Screenplay: Masa Kudo
    Production: Masa Kudo
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    A swinging animation drawn with a pencil. It shows view of inside a coffee shop by panning the camera. The little difference is repeated by rotation, and the inside of the store changes as if you are looking at the car window.

  12. The Ball of the Cats / Le Bal des chats 02:33 France 2019
    Created: Andrea Kiss
    Screenplay: Andrea Kiss
    Production: Lionel Grosheny

    A ball of mice... at night. A big cat came and pretend he is dancing but tries indeed to catch a little mouse which enjoys a lot the cat’s game.

  13. Pearls 03:16 Israel 2019
    Created: Idan Barzilay
    Production: Netanel Orbach
    Dialogue Language: Hebrew

    The song "Pni'nim" (“Pearls” in Hebrew) by the artist Daniela Spector is a multi-dimensional piece: about a dream, a memory, and departure. Elusive and fluid, time functions as the fourth element, allowing the transitioning between the other dimensions. The music video tries to capture time, not by stopping it, rather than placing the character on the timeline, emphasizing its constant flow.

  14. Cava Grande - A Room Above The Earth 05:09 Turkey 2020
    Created: Tan Tuncag
    Screenplay: Tan Tuncag

    Set in a near future, an alien visitor from outer space stumbles upon our solar system and visits the moon colony, discovering humans. On her way to earth, she realizes that a giant asteroid is about the hit the earth. She changes her course towards this "global killer" and decides to take matters into her own hands.

  15. OUR BEST SOLDIERS - A Covid-19 Tutorial Video 03:35 Spain
    Created: Pablo Morales de los Rios
    Screenplay: Pablo Morales de los Rios
    Production: MORALES DE LOS RIOS Producciones SL
    Dialogue Language: English

    The COVID-19 is here. We have a new enemy. It's contagious. It's dangerous. It's implacable. And we have to beat him... Use your brain. Use your heart. Use OUR BEST SOLDIERS!

    3rd Place - Professional Short Animation - Audience
    Created: ABEL GOLDFARB
    Screenplay: GASTÓN GORALI

    Ian was born with cerebral palsy. Like all kids, he wants to have friends, but discrimination and bullying keep him from his beloved playground. Ian won't give up easily, accomplishing something that will surprise everyone.

  17. Cosmonaut 11:38 Estonia 2019
    Created: Kaspar Jancis
    Screenplay: Kaspar Jancis
    Production: Kalev Tamm

    An old Cosmonaut lives the same kind of life now in his flat in a concrete panel apartment building as he did in his youth in a space station. As before, he still carries out heroic missions and misses his close relatives, who he left behind on his home planet. His close relatives see the situation altogether differently. Is this old man capable of coming to grips with the norms that apply in society? A cosmonaut will always be a cosmonaut. To the very end.

  18. The Stork / Toonekurg 15:51 Estonia 2020
    2nd Place - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak
    Screenplay: Morten Tšinakov
    Production: Kalev Tamm

    While smoking on the balcony, Citizen Stork is struck by a moment of clarity, in which he realises that he is not a person, but rather a bird. At the same time, a man and a woman are eating lunch. When a cuckoo jumps out of the clock, the man leaves the apartment in a hurry. The woman and the stork meet…

  19. The Heretic 07:44 Denmark 2020
    Created: Veselin Efremov
    Screenplay: Veselin Efremov
    Production: Silvia Rasheva, Aleksander Karshikoff
    Dialogue Language: English

    In a future where humans and technology can merge, we dare to challenge our ancient beliefs.

  20. The blue of salt / Le bleu du sel 10:00 France 2019
    Created: Alice Bohl
    Screenplay: Alice Bohl
    Production: Catherine Estèves
    Dialogue Language: French

    The blue of the salt is the journey of a young woman bruised by a mourning who tries to find peace in her memory. The train on which we embark with her is a night crossing until dawn, between dream and reality. She finds there the desire to live and be present to the world.

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