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Screening: Professional Competition 1
Russian Federation 2020
Duration: 02:09
Created: Olga Haldiz
Screenplay: Olga Haldiz

Masked doctors bent over the patient. This is a woman borning a child. Her face is with a mask. She is pushing. A child is born with a mask on his face. The life of this child flies by quickly: he grows up being in a mask. Children's birthday - masked clown, masked children. School class - all children and the teacher in masks. Graduation ceremony - all in gowns, quadrangular hats and masks. The wedding is all masked. Instead of a kiss, a bride and a groom hit their elbows. Husband and wife, being masked, grow old. Funeral, all wearing masks. The dead man in the mask. Archaeological excavations. Archaeologists, without mouths, brush the finds with brushes. They find a skeleton, a skull in a shabby mask. Children without mouths are sitting in the class. A child is reading a book. It depicts a picture of the transformation of a Neanderthal into a homosapiens. And the last in a series of dichotomies is the masked homosapiens and the mouthless homosapiens. People without mouths are walking down the street. People without mouths ride the subway.

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