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layered love

Screening: Professional Competition 5
Austria 2020
Duration: 02:40
Created: Julia Alice Ostermann
Screenplay: Julia Alice Ostermann, Benjamin Schroeder

It's a day just like any other - Sergei leaves his dusty studio in the attic, the massive door closes loudly behind him and brings his latest work of art, a carved matryoshka, to life. The woody young man is confused and wants to look around first ... but ... without eyes that’s rather difficult - and as fate desires the doll stumbles into an enchanting lady. After a short and intensive “getting to know one another” their destiny comes true. The two fall in love, their affection grows and turns into burning passion. Layer by layer, the lovers lose themselves forgetting time and space, but instead of getting closer, they gradually drift apart. In the end, the space between them seems almost insurmountable. But where there is a will, there is a way - and our wooden dolls will probably be able to lie in the non-existent arms of each other in a few hours.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts
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URL: avarts.ionio.gr