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What Falling Feels Like.

Screening: Professional Competition 3
South Africa 2020
Duration: 06:30
Created: Nicola Pilkington, Joe Young
Screenplay: Joe Young
Production: Nicola Pilkington, Joe Young
Dialogue Language: English

Two men live alone together on the edge of the world, overlooking the sea. There's no one around for miles-- just the birds. This is a story of obsession, depression, and an albatross. Inspired by Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", the play was originally conceived by Joe Young in 2016 married heightened text and puppetry. For NAF's inaugural Virtual Festival, Young and Nicola Pilkington have enlisted UK based illustrator and animator Jade Delmage, who has helped translate the story to screen with her hand-painted animations. What Falling Feels Like. has been collaboratively produced between Brighton UK, and Cape Town, with over 1000 hand-painted frames going into the retelling of the story.

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