Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Student Competition 3

Friday 03/12/2021 11:00 - 13:00, Friday 03/12/2021 23:00 - 01:00
Total Duration: 1:58:47

  1. Costume 03:54 Turkey 2021
    Directed: Fatma Işıl SEVİK
    Screenplay: Fatma Işıl SEVİK

    The life of our character in the movie has been shaped in the shadow of her childhood memories and caused her to think that she cannot live if she does not behave like one of the herd members. However, the disharmony that she feels will allow her perception of imagination and reality to mix and to get out of her bounds to find herself. The movie scrutinizes the individual-society relationship through the boundaries determined by the individual.

  2. Mama_ 02:04 Ireland 2021
    Directed: Adam Pandey
    Screenplay: Adam Pandey
    Production: Adam Pandey
    Dialogue Language: English

    In these trying times, a little hope goes a long way. A kid’s sad world brightens up on his birthday when his father tells him that his deceased mother is looking at him from the sky. But on a stormy night, all hope is lost for the kid as he cannot see her. He then uses a little magic to be with her for once and all. This tale is a poignant reminder that losing a loved one is hard to live with, especially for kids.

  3. The thaw / El deshielo 02:42 Argentina 2020
    Directed: Lucía López, Florencia Usuki, Laura Malagón
    Screenplay: Lucía López, Florencia Usuki, Laura Malagón
    Production: Florencia Usuki
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    A woman plays with time. The instant becomes present, wraps her up, and disappears, but not without leaving a trace. As she fades into space, only the words remain. In each place she searches for herself, only to realize when she finds herself, that it is now a new mystery.

  4. Issues / Problémy 04:26 Slovakia 2020
    Directed: Andrea Pátková, Veronika Valentová
    Screenplay: Andrea Pátková
    Production: Súkromná škola umeleckého priemyslu animovanej tvorby
    Dialogue Language: Slovak

    A story about a hero who faces graduating issues.

  5. Abandoned 05:00 United Kingdom 2021
    Directed: Emilia Schneider
    Screenplay: Emilia Schneider
    Production: Emilia Schneider
    Dialogue Language: English

    Within the reminiscent setting of an abandoned swimming pool, two siblings are faced with their childhood trauma. Twisted emotions, long banished to the watery depths of the pool floor are about to resurface.

  6. The Bond / Veza 06:32 Serbia 2020
    Directed: Miljana Tešović
    Screenplay: Miljana Tešović
    Production: Iva Ćirić
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    In the intimate world of a man and a woman, the bond that unites them is a tangible golden thread. Over time, the couple becomes entangled in a multitude of failed attempts to deal with personal problems. Technique: Hand drawn, 2D computer

  7. Journey Across The Bridge 02:13 United States 2021
    Directed: Stefie Gan
  8. Anchored 03:20 United States 2021
    Directed: Genevieve Bega
    Production: Clayton Cowden

    A girl who likes to fix things discovers a robot that is broken, but not in the way she expects

  9. The First One 02:28 Russian Federation 2021
    Directed: Asia Philippova
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    Short "visual joke" about one extraordinary day in main character's ordinary life.

  10. DARWIN 05:32 France 2020
    Directed: Juliette Moreau, Alix Popesco, Emmanuel Sabathé, Tonin Laplanche
    Production: ECV Bordeaux

    Several million year after the extinction of civilization cause by catastrophic climate changes, a robot previously placed in orbit return to Earth to carry out its mission : to explore new fauna and flora and, above all, to search for traces of potential heir mankind.

  11. CHRONIQUE 05:25 France 2020
    Directed: Tiphanie MAYA, Clémentine POEYMIROO, Camille ORAIN
    Screenplay: Tiphanie MAYA, Clémentine POEYMIROO, Camille ORAIN
    Production: ECV BORDEAUX

    A woman's ordinary day grows in tension, until it reaches a no return point...

  12. LE JOUR OU LA NEIGE A BRULE 05:49 France 2020
    Directed: Agathe Noblet / Thibaud Monnier / Camille Roulot / Malika Ghale / Romain Rivault
    Screenplay: Agathe Noblet / Thibaud Monnier / Camille Roulot / Malika Ghale / Romain Rivault
    Production: ECV BORDEAUX

    In a cold and deserted post apocalyptic world, a man struggles to survive with his dog as only companion. One day while looking for something to get warm, he discovers a little creature made of fire…

  13. PAS UN DE PLUS 04:45 France 2020
    Directed: Sarah Bilhour, Guillaume Lesage, David van Boxson
    Screenplay: Sarah Bilhour, Guillaume Lesage, David van Boxson
    Production: ECV LILLE

    In a post-apocalyptic world, the leader of a city must make a decision about which survivors have arrived at their gates. It reminds him of his own experience: will it influence his choice?

  14. THE COLD COLD WAR 04:28 France 2020
    Directed: Bonnie ROLLOT, Clara MARI, Sandra GARCIA, Wenqing WANG, Lucie GAY
    Screenplay: Bonnie ROLLOT, Clara MARI, Sandra GARCIA, Wenqing WANG, Lucie GAY
    Production: ECV PARIS

    Conrad the penguin search for his kidnapped friends.

  15. NOZING ELSE 06:33 France 2020
    Directed: Nina Pumpalovic, Jordi Velasco, Xavier Bernardelli, Marine Gazel, Marie Stachura, Maureen Eveno
    Screenplay: Nina Pumpalovic, Jordi Velasco, Xavier Bernardelli, Marine Gazel, Marie Stachura, Maureen Eveno
    Production: ECV PARIS

    Ombeline, a young girl without a nose realize that she needs one to become a fantastic witch ! With the help of her two trustworthy companions, Robert her butler frog and Bob the domestic jelly, they will try to solve her complex.

  16. The Principle of Sunrise / 日出原理 04:58 China 2021
    Directed: Ye Song
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    A story that takes place in a night as bright as a sapphire, containing a girl, a bird, the sun, and a journey that does not exist.

  17. ESC 05:05 Portugal 2021
    Directed: Gabriel Silva Mendes, Diego Sousa Freitas, Tiago Miguel Pena, Ivan Emanuel Coutinho
    Screenplay: Gabriel Silva Mendes, Diego Sousa Freitas, Tiago Miguel Pena, Ivan Emanuel Coutinho
    Production: Gabriel Silva Mendes, Tiago Miguel Pena, Diego Sousa Freitas, Ivan Emanuel Coutinho
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A young man wakes up with a sequence of paranormal events and finds out he's in another reality, where his fear and anxiety exists physically and haunts him.

  18. Moon Blood / דם ירח 04:21 Israel 2021
    Directed: Katia Korzinov
    Screenplay: Katia Korzinov
    Production: Katia Korzinov

    The film follows an adolescent girl's stream of consciousness as she tries to cope with her unfamiliar femininity, the same process that every girl goes through when they get their first period. The entire process is accompanied by the changing moon, which becomes fuller as the girl's understanding of herself develops. Her thoughts are weaved together, much like the girl's braided hair, creating surreal images that reflect her situation.

  19. FLAWED 08:03 France 2021
    Directed: Karim Diouf, Hugo Schenegg, Esteban Dhuy, Jean-Baptiste Cognet, Adrien Satta

    After an accident causing him to be laid off, a factory robot is looking for a repair at all costs. By dint of perseverance, he will learn to take advantage of his imperfection, thus slowly awakening his conscience.

  20. Love, Dad 12:00 France 2021
    Directed: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
    Screenplay: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Lukáš Janičík
    Dialogue Language: Czech

    She finds letters full of love her dad wrote her 15 years ago. Now she fights to get that love back.

  21. wood 05:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2020
    Directed: Yasin Zohrabi
    Screenplay: Yasin Zohrabi
    Production: Yasin Zohrabi
    Dialogue Language: English, No Dialogue

    People cut down trees and make them products.These products unite and execute humans.

  22. In and Out 11:49 Greece
    2nd Place - Greek Student Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Philip Mistriotis
    Screenplay: Philip Mistriotis
    Production: Philip Mistriotis
    Dialogue Language: English

    A surreal journey of a black mannequin. This short film is part of my thesis. In and Out revolves around the idea of free association and the subconscious, dealing with detachment, cynicism and the search for one's self.

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