Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Student Competition 4

Saturday 04/12/2021 09:00 - 11:00, Saturday 04/12/2021 21:00 - 23:00
Total Duration: 1:57:00

  1. Ultimate Cybercock 09:04 Indonesia
    Directed: Darsan Marco Tanuardy
    Screenplay: Darsan Marco Tanuardy
    Production: Galang Aby Ludira
    Dialogue Language: Indonesian

    Year 2070. Abdul Somad is an amateur chicken farmer who is trying to win the final match of the Ultimate Cybercock at the Tangerang city level. Together with his chicken named Jono, They managed to enter the final level and will soon challenge the defending champion, Rizal Taufik with his rooster named Miguel. The final match took place so fiercely, Jono with his early generation gear tried hard to fight Miguel with his latest advanced gear. After the many counts and punches of death that Jono received, Jono managed to beat Miguel and came out as the new champion.

  2. Panchito and the colors 05:49 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 2020
    Directed: Ramón Vega

    Panchito is a discarded unpainted drawing that, when it comes to life, will seek its own identity in a world where blue and pink drawings discriminate against it for being different.

  3. The Nights 04:30 Singapore 2021
    Directed: Yap Jing Wen
    Production: Yap Jing Wen

    A film about the progress of time, Night in Singapore celebrates the beauty of the night, featuring noises recorded from real life. The film opens with the dazzling lights of the city, followed by the stillness of sleep with the chirping of cicadas and ending with the rousing of the city's inhabitants as they rise to a new morning.

  4. My Weaving Hands / Mis Manos Tejedoras 05:18 Mexico 2021
    Directed: Rio "Riquis" Castañeda
    Dialogue Language: English, Spanish

    Mayan Backstrap Weaving is a complex and symbolic art form, and is often undervalued or bargained for in the marketplace. For indigenous non-organized weavers, making money can become very strenuous, especially when their huipiles must go undervalued and trivialized.

  5. The Poetry of No-Self / אין עצמי, יש שירה 04:18 Israel 2021
    International Student Short Animation - Audience Award
    Directed: Dor Bar Shlomo
    Screenplay: Dor Bar Shlomo
    Production: Dor Bar Shlomo
    Dialogue Language: English, Hebrew

    “The Poetry of No-Self” is a short animation film that deals with moments that hold beauty, from which the sense of self is absent. It portrays the notion that this is, in a way, what childhood is like - a beautiful, moonstruck stare, which is lived moment by moment and passes in a blink of an eye. The film animates a text that deals with those matters, through daily, everyday life occurrences that the hero experiences while staring at the boiling pot in his home kitchen.

  6. The Gate / 生门 04:16 United States 2021
    Directed: Kino Jin
    Dialogue Language: English

    The Gate is a four-minute 2D animation. Genderless children are raised inside the walls of a rigid city. At the age of 12, the children are forced to become “adults,” and give up their emotions and memories. When they become adults, their faces are hidden by masks, and they lose their individuality. A child, K-12012, and their friend, J-12606, accidentally discover a unique device in the library, which reveals the history of their city and allows them to escape.

  7. To Kill the Birds & the Bees 11:00 Singapore 2021
    Directed: Calleen Koh Yee Lin
    Screenplay: Calleen Koh Yee Lin
    Production: Calleen Koh Yee Lin
    Dialogue Language: English

    To Kill the Birds & the Bees follows three separate stories of four average Singaporeans – a pair of young twins, a secondary school prefect, and a conservative housewife – who each encounter a sexual situation in the course of their day.

  8. Sexy Sushi セクシーな寿司 03:07 Singapore 2020
    Directed: Calleen Koh, Amanda Teo
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    Life on a conveyor belt seems great for Sushi and his Topping friends. But as he begins to contemplate his existence, Sushi wonders if there is more to life than pimping himself out to savage consumers.

  9. One Left 06:12 Austria 2020
    Directed: Sebastian Doringer
    Screenplay: Sebastian Doringer
    Production: Sebastian Doringer
    Dialogue Language: English

    Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for.

  10. Left Unsaid 03:11 United Kingdom 2020
    Directed: Mei Lian Hoe
    Screenplay: Mei Lian Hoe

    Left Unsaid is an experimental animated film about cultural dysphoria and the disconnect between grandfather and grandchild caused by an ever-growing language barrier.

  11. Out of the ground 08:20 Russian Federation 2021
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Lyubimtseva Anna . Afonina Maria
    Screenplay: Lyubimtseva Anna . Afonina Maria
  12. Ruslan 05:48 Ireland 2020
    Directed: Jack McHugh, Conor McNally

    Ruslan is a young boy in Soviet Russia who dreams of being a cowboy. Ruslan's Western daydreams seem to attract heavy-handed disapproval wherever he goes, putting his resilience, his identity and his lasso skills to the test!

  13. Contre champ 05:24 France 2020
    Directed: Clara LUDINANT, Ombeline BERNADET, Lucile PLEDAN, Marco LIANG
    Screenplay: Clara LUDINANT, Ombeline BERNADET, Lucile PLEDAN, Marco LIANG
    Production: Vincent CHIAROTTO
    Dialogue Language: English, French

    In the 70's, a movie star is losing sigh of reality and found herself confronted with her imaginary double in a fight to take back her own image.

  14. Krak 05:20 Belgium 2021
    Directed: Stan Roeland Lievens
    Screenplay: Stan Roeland Lievens
    Production: Stan Roeland Lievens
    Dialogue Language: English

    A man crawls out of a banana and explains how he found himself in that fruit. Meanwhile a fish is contemplating her own beauty. These two stories are observed and disected and cause a reaction that cracks the reality the observer is in.

  15. Quiche for two / Cocinando Contigo 03:05 Spain 2020
    Directed: Isabel Lloret Lejarreta
    Screenplay: María Quijano Peralta, Marina González Segarra, Alba Peris Fernández, Isabel Lloret Lejarreta
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    A young woman named Rose comes home from work hungry. She goes into the kitchen to prepare a very special recipe. Suddenly, her boyfriend appears and as she cooks she remembers happy times they lived together when the recipe was present.

  16. Mother 05:46 Netherlands 2020
    Directed: Gal Kinan
    Screenplay: Gal Kinan
    Production: Gal Kinan

    On the evening of Independence Day lonely Solomon stands, lost in thought, on Hahagana Bridge next to the Tel Aviv central station. As the fireworks die down a vision in the sky with him as a baby and his mother appears and for a short moment, he is transported back to his childhood.

  17. Lágrimas de dragón 04:49 Spain 2021
    Directed: Íñigo Álvarez Aguado, Antonio García Tardón
    Screenplay: Íñigo Álvarez Aguado, Antonio García Tardón, Patricia Marqueta Moreno, Laura Santamaría Ricoy
    Production: Patricia Marqueta Moreno
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Susaiming and Lijiahao are two boys who play stick fighting in the countryside. One day, continuing the game, Lijiahao runs to hide in the forest. Susaiming chases Lijiahao, but loses sight of him. Suddenly, Susaiming hears a cry from Lijiahao and comes to his aid. However, what he finds is his friend's torn and bloody clothes, and a ferocious dragon roaring over them. Susaiming, filled with rage, decides to take revenge. Years later, Susaiming returns to the forest to slay the monster that ate his friend.

  18. SHINSEN 03:12 France 2021
    Directed: Omayla ARCINIEGA Emeline CORDIER Paola GENTIL Fanny LEFUR Morgane PERIER Aurélien SCHMITT Cécile ZWILLER

    Exhausted and starving, a samurai flees the battlefield. In the hope of regaining a bit of strength, he steals offerings from a mysterious statue.

  19. SCARECROW 03:01 France 2021
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Garance DUCHÊNE-RIBAS Florent GAYOT Louve JACQUET Rénalya MIRANDE NEY Théo MONTI Anaëlle SIEUW Baptiste VERGUET

    A brave scarecrow fights off a dangerous predator to protect his cornfield.

  20. PATRICK ET LES BOUTONS 03:02 France 2021
    Directed: Julie BOULLIER Bertille DAVID Sandra DOUVILLE Pauline DUKIEL Thomas DULONG Morgane DUMAS Romane GANOUNA

    Patrick is having fun in a strange playroom without suspecting the consequences.

  21. Outis 05:14 Norway 2021
    Directed: Astrid E. Mork-Knutsen
    Screenplay: Astrid E. Mork-Knutsen
    Production: Høgskulen i Volda
    Dialogue Language: English

    A woman, a poet by the name of Outis, finds herself in limbo with a headache and a writer's block. As she walks in and out of the light she encounters her own reflection in different mirrors, which reveals her reflection to be something ephemeral and intangible. Through her journey towards self discovery she realizes that the reason why she can’t write or create, is because she doesn’t exist at all.

  22. Elevator Alone 03:38 Greece 2021
    Directed: Anastasia Papadopoulou
    Screenplay: Anastasia Papadopoulou

    Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people's behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.

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