Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Lágrimas de dragón

Screening: Student Competition 4
Spain 2021
Duration: 04:49
Directed: Íñigo Álvarez Aguado, Antonio García Tardón
Screenplay: Íñigo Álvarez Aguado, Antonio García Tardón, Patricia Marqueta Moreno, Laura Santamaría Ricoy
Production: Patricia Marqueta Moreno
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

Susaiming and Lijiahao are two boys who play stick fighting in the countryside. One day, continuing the game, Lijiahao runs to hide in the forest. Susaiming chases Lijiahao, but loses sight of him. Suddenly, Susaiming hears a cry from Lijiahao and comes to his aid. However, what he finds is his friend's torn and bloody clothes, and a ferocious dragon roaring over them. Susaiming, filled with rage, decides to take revenge. Years later, Susaiming returns to the forest to slay the monster that ate his friend.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts