Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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"Le Théâtre de Gravures"

Screening: Professional Greek Competition
Duration: 10:00
Directed: Christophoros Katsadiotis
Production: Christophoros Katsadiotis

The city as a theater stage. A city shaped by its ghosts. Familiar ghosts; characters from the darkest of darkness. Dreams escaped from the confines of mundanity, taking flight. Heroes dressed as madmen breaking free from conformity to the ordinary, crossing into the fantastical like solitude in a public square. And love, love is expressed as something cold. The music – audio – background intensifies the silence. The city’s chain, clanking, sets the rhythm. An agony of colors. Sadness. Grief and sarcasm rise from the abyss to define the characters. Instead of masks those playful shapes can be imagined as the faces themselves, illuminated by ersatz neutrality. Survival against the crash; a dream against the reconstruction of reality. There are no hypocrites here. Paper heroes become truths. You cannot hide in a dream. The cast of characters cannot and will not pretend that silence and loneliness do not merely complement each other but engage in a discourse between fact and the immaterial archive. The show moves at cinematic speed, glance askance and prone to twists. Poetic symbolism and ellipticity tacitly form a scream. Irony comes in a sob. The abyss leaves a track on the space and the narrative, inviting us to follow it.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts