Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Professional Greek Competition

Sunday 05/12/2021 10:00 - 13:00, Monday 06/12/2021 01:00 - 04:00
Total Duration: 2:45:14

  1. The classmate / H συμμαθήτρια 05:40 Greece 2021
    3rd Place - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Anastasia Dimitra, George Gkavalos
    Screenplay: Anastasia Dimitra
    Production: VIEWSTUDIO

    concept Marina’s internal dialogue in contrast to reality, where she faces her surroundings and concerns. She is watching and interacts with her inner voice- the classmate. In the end, Marina is accepting herself.

  2. Yaf Youf / Γιαφ-Γιουφ 03:53 Greece 2020
    Directed: Athina Georgia Koumela

    Stop Motion animated video for an old Smyrnian Rembetiko Song.

  3. Funeral of Ego 02:53 Greece 2021
    Greek Professional Short Animation - Audience Award
    Directed: Valasia Dodulu
    Screenplay: Yorgos Smak
    Production: Valasia Dodulu
    Dialogue Language: English

    An experimental stop motion animation film for Yorgos Smak's original song

  4. What if 03:08 Greece 2021
    Directed: Christina Kalantzi
    Dialogue Language: English fly?

  5. Different 03:21 Greece
    Directed: Christina Kalantzi

    Finding your "tribe" is really unique . That's how "different" survives ...

  6. The papercut 03:39 Greece 2021
    Directed: Christina Kalantzi
    Screenplay: Natasa Kyriazidou
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    The papercut can show how a bigger picture of the world resets our small egoes

  7. Phoenix 05:03 Greece 2020
    Directed: Christina Kalantzi
    Dialogue Language: English

    Phoenix is the rebirth of the refugees. When you fight for your life, need becomes a way of life.

  8. Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis / Τόποι του Ελληνισμού: Ερμούπολη 17:25 Greece 2021
    Directed: Charalambos Margaritis
    Screenplay: Vassilis K. Karamitsanis
    Production: PLATFORMA- Urban Culture Co- Animasyros International Animation Festival
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    The city of Hermoupolis, capital of Syros is located at the center of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. In its history one can find all the elements that shaped contemporary Greece. This is an animated documentary telling its story. Ερμούπολη, η πρωτεύουσα της Σύρου, στο κέντρο του νησιωτικού συμπλέγματος των Κυκλάδων, στην Ελλάδα. Στην ιστορία της απαντώνται όλες οι ζυμώσεις που διαμόρφωσαν τον σύγχρονο Ελληνισμό. Αυτό το animated ντοκιμαντέρ αφηγείται την ιστορία της.

  9. Cast-Outs / Στο Γύψο 15:00 Greece 2020
    Directed: Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, Akis Melachris
    Screenplay: Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, Giorgos Komiotis
    Production: Aris Asimakopoulos
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Through faulty handling that leads to the collapse of a penitentiary and mass escapes, newly appointed Jail-R suffers multiple fractures and loses his job. While convalescing, he is hired as a bank security guard. When the three masterminds behind the prison break hit the branch on his morning shift. Jail-R is called to rise to the occasion, with plaster cast and all.

  10. Drunk Conference Call 02:20 Greece 2021
    Directed: Dimitris Armenakis

    Animated Music Video for Work Party's 'Drunk Conference Call' from their upcoming album 'My Best Days Are Behind Me' (2021).

  11. Aykroyd 03:57 Greece 2021
    Directed: Dimitris Armenakis
    Production: Crazysane Records

    Animated Music Video for ZAHN's 'Aykroyd' from their upcoming self-titled album (Crazysane Records, 2021).

  12. Apprehension 02:06 Greece 2021
    Directed: Dimitris Armenakis
    Production: FACTOR, Manitoba Film & Music, Artoffact

    Animated Music Video for Tunic's 'Apprehension' from their upcoming album 'Quitter' (Artoffact Records, 2021).

  13. Fall² 05:13 Greece 2020
    Honorary Mention - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Nikos Radaios
    Screenplay: Nikos Radaios
    Production: Nikos Radaios

    After fleeing a war zone, the mysterious passengers of a boat arrive at an abandoned Mall, where life appears to have ceased a long time ago.

  14. cinesthesia 11:40 Greece 2020
    Directed: Φώτης Λαζίδης
    Production: Φώτης Λαζίδης
  15. Your daughter Hero 04:12 Greece Submissi 2021
    Directed: Apostolis Iliopoulos, Elias Roumeliotis
    Screenplay: Marina Lizardou, Apostolis Iliopoulos, Aris Kaplanidis
    Production: Municipality of Fyli
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    The story of a young teenager's metaphysical relationship with climate change phenomena.

    Directed: Dimitrios Patrikios
    Production: VIEW STUDIO
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Marina, a young disabled woman, takes part in a video conference, during which she talks to John, a ‘different’ racially student. The 'demon' of the internet, however, prevents them from seeing their visual 'social' peculiarities. In the appointment they later arrange, they are recognized, surprised and flee, terrified by the ‘social’ and racial, unknown that they meet and refuse to accept, despite the public image that they both want to present.

  17. Locked inn 02:58 Greece 2021
    Directed: Stavrina Kykalou
    Production: Stavrina Kykalou

    Due to Covid 19 pandemic, this is the 2nd lockdown in Greece and Fofo has to stay at home all alone. This time she's gonna do everything right. She'll take care of herself, exercise, read all those books she hasn't read, watch the films she didn't have the time to watch. But first of all, she won't get bored. Or will she?

  18. Lost & Found / Απολεσθέντα 09:14 Greece 2021
    Directed: Vivian Papageorgiou
    Screenplay: Vivian Papageorgiou
    Production: Ioanna Bolomyti
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A naughty suitcase in an airport that wants to be free.

  19. I LOST THE WAY / ΕΧΑΣΑ ΤΟ ΔΡΟΜΟ ΜΟΥ 08:00 Greece 2021
    2nd Place - Greek Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Panagiotis Rappas
    Screenplay: Panagiotis Rappas
    Production: Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Two parallel monologues. Two men of different ages, talk about their lives and what haunts them. One, almost middle-aged, feels he has lost his way. Full of anxiety and metaphysical agony, he desperately seeks to find the path of return that will lead him to his paternal home and the years of innocence. At the point where he started his impasse, so far, wandering. The route looks like a strange dream. People, animals, machines, change form, properties, and actions in a nightmarish cluster full of paradoxical images, charged with passions and unacknowledged guilt. The other, an elderly man, is nearing the end of his journey. Locked up in a small room, isolated, accompanied by memories and ghosts from the past, he has stopped being anxious. He watches the outside world through the window, with the same stoic calm that he also watches what happens in the strange circus that performs in his small room. Everything that his imagination, memory, and sensitive psyche puts in front of him. With laconic sentences that are more reminiscent of oracles, he raises questions about an absurd and perhaps futile world. An almost nightmarish world, the world that spent its life vulnerable to the alterations of time. They are both the same person. The poet M. Sachtouris in different phases of his life. The questions he asks are not philosophical declarations or logical findings, but images. Images that seem to come from a dream and end up in his poetic iconography. At the end of the imaginary journey, the poet "finds", among the ruins, his mother, and the room he recognizes as the home of his childhood. He returns to the womb without finding an answer to what tortured him along the way, since "there is no sanguine answer" because everything "is a vast void rather like a tomb". Panagiotis Rappas May 2021

  20. Alice in Covid-land 03:30 Greece 2021
    Directed: Tina Mamali
    Screenplay: Tina Mamali
    Production: Tina Mamali
    Dialogue Language: English

    Alice in Covid-land is all of us apart when we experience our own personal deadlocks , when we swim in a deep depression and we can't find the way out, when our own self is the enemy , when we are moving in to the deep darkness and the light at the end of the road keeps getting stronger! - An experimental animated short film about Pandemic/Quarantine time inspired from the unique storie of Alice in Wonderland combine the original idea of a story with elements of postmodern filming using a multimedia content.

  21. "Le Théâtre de Gravures" 10:00 Greece
    Directed: Christophoros Katsadiotis
    Production: Christophoros Katsadiotis

    The city as a theater stage. A city shaped by its ghosts. Familiar ghosts; characters from the darkest of darkness. Dreams escaped from the confines of mundanity, taking flight. Heroes dressed as madmen breaking free from conformity to the ordinary, crossing into the fantastical like solitude in a public square. And love, love is expressed as something cold. The music – audio – background intensifies the silence. The city’s chain, clanking, sets the rhythm. An agony of colors. Sadness. Grief and sarcasm rise from the abyss to define the characters. Instead of masks those playful shapes can be imagined as the faces themselves, illuminated by ersatz neutrality. Survival against the crash; a dream against the reconstruction of reality. There are no hypocrites here. Paper heroes become truths. You cannot hide in a dream. The cast of characters cannot and will not pretend that silence and loneliness do not merely complement each other but engage in a discourse between fact and the immaterial archive. The show moves at cinematic speed, glance askance and prone to twists. Poetic symbolism and ellipticity tacitly form a scream. Irony comes in a sob. The abyss leaves a track on the space and the narrative, inviting us to follow it.

  22. The chess game / Η παρτίδα 13:10 Greece 2021
    Directed: Georgia Vorria
    Screenplay: Georgia Vorria
    Production: Georgia Vorria

    The story that takes place in a hostile, fragile city made of paper is a comment on the modern way of life and the forms of power. The hero of the story is victimized in a system full of loneliness, monotony, routine, lack of emotions and communication, bombing of controlled news and surveillance, consumerism and pollution.

  23. Fetuses 06:10 Greece
    Directed: Sissy Barakari
    Screenplay: Sissy Barakari
    Production: Sissy Barakari

    In his book, "The Fall of Public Man", R.Sennet states that people nowadays sought to find personal meanings in impersonal situations and they are too close so as they can’t ensure a healthy social contact. The "fetuses" project attempts an unboxing of some of the imposed social conventions and behaviors, which are directly related to the satisfaction of the (real or apparent) needs of the individual. Under the guise of "intimacy", these conventions lead to the fragmentation of society into individuals who never manage to connect effectively. Individuals "come out" of their hypothetical boxes, but eventually they fail to communicate with each other like helpless fetuses trapped in the amniotic sac.

  24. Hyperhumanisme 05:57 Greece 2021
    Directed: Vassia Zorbali
    Production: Vassia Zorbali

    People were buttons, weren't they? Suddenly we are falling into the water. We are trying to hold on to a familiar anchor, the Other, but we slip. Motion seems like a never-ending cycle around ourselves. One next to the other but nowhere to grasp. During the pandemic, the social veil of bewilderment falls heavy upon our shoulders, confining the desire to connect. Βy weaving, though, the net that will keep us united, we will resist at the gravity when falling and we will emerge anew. Connected as an entity without touching each other, we are all there. I can see you, I can hear you. Are you still there? These times of pronounced disembodiment find the body at its most rigid state, yet subjects are reconstituted. Once again they merge in water -the most familiar milieu of every unformed being- penetrating into mankind's womb. The battle of coexistence causes partitions out of which organic matter is reformed again and again. When kinetic energy meets inertia the being-in-the-world starts to emerge. Hyperhumanisme is inspired by the work “The dreams” (1964)- a collaborative radio art work between the dramatist and poetess Barry Bermangethe and composer Delia Derbyshire- and created in Anna-Maria’s Rammou music.

  25. Per Aspera 05:00 Greece 2021
    1st Place - Greek Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Nika Lominatze
    Screenplay: Nika Lominatze
    Dialogue Language: English

    A glimpse into the life cycle of strange creatures from another universe.

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