Ionian Contemporary
Animation Festival ICONA
December, 2nd-5th, 2021
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Screening: Professional Greek Competition
Greece 2021
Duration: 05:57
Directed: Vassia Zorbali
Production: Vassia Zorbali

People were buttons, weren't they? Suddenly we are falling into the water. We are trying to hold on to a familiar anchor, the Other, but we slip. Motion seems like a never-ending cycle around ourselves. One next to the other but nowhere to grasp. During the pandemic, the social veil of bewilderment falls heavy upon our shoulders, confining the desire to connect. Βy weaving, though, the net that will keep us united, we will resist at the gravity when falling and we will emerge anew. Connected as an entity without touching each other, we are all there. I can see you, I can hear you. Are you still there? These times of pronounced disembodiment find the body at its most rigid state, yet subjects are reconstituted. Once again they merge in water -the most familiar milieu of every unformed being- penetrating into mankind's womb. The battle of coexistence causes partitions out of which organic matter is reformed again and again. When kinetic energy meets inertia the being-in-the-world starts to emerge. Hyperhumanisme is inspired by the work “The dreams” (1964)- a collaborative radio art work between the dramatist and poetess Barry Bermangethe and composer Delia Derbyshire- and created in Anna-Maria’s Rammou music.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts