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Tops of Memory II ILLUSION

Screening: Student Competition 6
Japan 2021
Duration: 03:08
Directed: Jialiang LIU
Production: Noriyuki SHINOHARA, Keita KUROSAKA, Manabu SHIRAISHI, Hikaru ADACHI
Dialogue Language: English, Japanese

Hand-drawn animation using actual painting materials has a unique charm because of its a special texture or material feeling and unique sense of dynamism. Now with the help of VR video technical which broke the square frame of traditional film, it can let you experience the specially wonderful hand-drawn word through 360-degree view, give you the feeling that your body is just being in that fantastic space. What on earth do humans remember when they remember the past? Obviously it's not the reality as it is. When the memory that recorded the past reality recurs to our mind over and over again, the memory is reconstructed over and over again by being added personal imagination and illusion, then becomes an unrealistic and illusory thing. In other words, human memory is actually an unrealstic thing that reflects one's feelings and spiritual world. It can even be said that memory is truly an illusion. "Tops of Memory II ILLUSION" expresses a scene in my memory. When I reproduced the memory that I was standing on the beautiful Philosophy Road of Kyoto, the Philosophy Road I had definitely seen with my eyes became an interesting illusion, and it just gone within one short moment.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts