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Student Competition 6

Saturday 03/12/2022 09:00 - 11:00, Saturday 03/12/2022 21:00 - 23:00
Total Duration: 1:45:42

  1. Life / Vida 02:52 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Nano Bor
    Screenplay: Nano Bor
    Production: Nano Bor
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Faced with the loss of a loved one, when are you prepared to listen to the signs and move on without forgetting?

  2. POWER PALADIN - Creatures of the Night 04:25 Australia 2021
    Directed: Lauren Ambry, Ella McShortall, Olivia Tang
    Production: Simon Norton, Aaron McLoughlin, RMIT University, Atomic Fire Records
    Dialogue Language: English

    Official music video for Icelandic power-metal band, POWER PALADIN

  3. In The Woods 02:02 Turkey 2021
    Directed: Ilgın Saçan
    Screenplay: Ilgın Saçan
    Production: Ilgin Saçan, Emir Erol
    Dialogue Language: English

    In The Woods is a recorded diary of monsters living in an urban forest. Max, one enthusiastic showrunner monster boy, takes us on a tour while his best friend P. records everything. As the team demonstrates to us how it is like to be a monster, we watch their unscripted story.

  4. Tops of Memory II ILLUSION 03:08 Japan 2021
    Directed: Jialiang LIU
    Production: Noriyuki SHINOHARA, Keita KUROSAKA, Manabu SHIRAISHI, Hikaru ADACHI
    Dialogue Language: English, Japanese

    Hand-drawn animation using actual painting materials has a unique charm because of its a special texture or material feeling and unique sense of dynamism. Now with the help of VR video technical which broke the square frame of traditional film, it can let you experience the specially wonderful hand-drawn word through 360-degree view, give you the feeling that your body is just being in that fantastic space. What on earth do humans remember when they remember the past? Obviously it's not the reality as it is. When the memory that recorded the past reality recurs to our mind over and over again, the memory is reconstructed over and over again by being added personal imagination and illusion, then becomes an unrealistic and illusory thing. In other words, human memory is actually an unrealstic thing that reflects one's feelings and spiritual world. It can even be said that memory is truly an illusion. "Tops of Memory II ILLUSION" expresses a scene in my memory. When I reproduced the memory that I was standing on the beautiful Philosophy Road of Kyoto, the Philosophy Road I had definitely seen with my eyes became an interesting illusion, and it just gone within one short moment.

  5. Lost Souls 06:58 United States 2022
    Directed: Christina Giordano
    Screenplay: Christina Giordano
    Dialogue Language: English

    Follow a soul into the afterlife and learn how isolation and letting go of family and friends can affect us all.

  6. Slouch 18:00 United States 2022
    Directed: Michael Bohnenstingl
    Screenplay: Michael Bohnenstingl
    Dialogue Language: English

    Wannabe musical legend Slouch is pushed by his song-writing-demon Nuffti to deep dive into his darkest emotions, while his girlfriend Lisa is pregnant and wants him to transition into a harmonic family life...

  7. The most boring Granny in the whole world 07:02 Germany 2022
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Damaris Zielke
    Screenplay: Manuel Ostwald
    Production: Jiayan Chen
    Dialogue Language: English

    Greta has the most boring grandma in the whole world. When she falls asleep on the sofa, Greta gets the idea, to play funeral with her grandma. This confronts them with some questions they didn’t ask themselves before. Because what remains when you have to leave life behind?

  8. Spark 02:10 Russian Federation 2022
    Directed: Valentina Nabiulina

    Life in the night city went on as usual. But suddenly the electricity goes out! An electrician comes to the rescue of the residents, striking a spark. It happily runs down the wires, filling the houses with joy, happiness, and light.

  9. Call and Response 06:15 France 2021
    Directed: Morgane Duprat--Peter, Daphné Kutnowski, Yoann Bouabré, Sélena Aledji, Anthony Okoko, Laura Sadi Honniball
    Dialogue Language: French

    Dans les années 50, Paris est la capitale de la libération des arts et de la musique. Une audition de jazz réunit deux musiciens rivaux qui vont tenter d’impressionner le jury.

  10. Little Things 04:40 France 2021
    Directed: Camille Burles, Andréea Ciora, Lou Fraleu, Manon Lambert, Clara Mesplé, Chloé Viala

    Piquée par sa curiosité, une vache se fait emporter dans la mécanique d'un géant destructeur.

  11. Neurosis : a Cosmic Odyssey 07:00 France 2021
    Directed: Clément Bardonneau, Alexandre Husson, Mattias Pham-Ngoc, François Pinet, Joséphine Verrier
    Dialogue Language: English

    An uninspired writer wanders in a town that slowly becomes a disturbing representation of his creative world...

  12. Theomania 05:25 France 2021
    Directed: Raphael Schermann, Coralie Oquidam, Cosme Petsopoulos, Candice Stampfli, Lucile Pelaprat
    Production: Franck Petitta
    Dialogue Language: French

    After the fall of God Pillow and God Coffee, Buoy and Dynamo try to win new followers in order to reach the top!

  13. Snilld 06:20 France 2021
    Directed: Eileen Quilliec, Lou Langeard, Camille Garnier, Alice Ribeiro
    Production: Franck Petitta

    Brynja, a young druid apprentice seeks revenge, but discovers a tragic secret that will allow her to overcome her emotions.

  14. Sincerely, Mouse 03:50 Australia 2022
    Directed: Gabriella Djunatan
    Screenplay: Gabriella Djunatan
    Production: Gabriella Djunatan
    Dialogue Language: English

    'Sincerely, Mouse' is a 2D animated short film with no dialogue, exploring the themes of self identity, insecurity, and acceptance. It tells the story of a chubby, clumsy Mouse who is in love with the Princess Doll and his efforts to try and win her affection.

  15. Matapacos 06:56 Germany 2022
    Directed: Karla Riebartsch, Lion Durst
    Screenplay: Lion Durst
    Production: Yili Baumann

    Based on the famous Chilean "Riot Dog" Negro Matapacos. A stray dog gets to know María, a young protester. Together they radicalize. One day both go a step too far. They're being separated and María goes to jail. When she gets out her courage and will has left. But when she finds out that the dog kept going to protests until he died and furthermore got famous for it she takes new courage.

  16. Small Hours 05:00 Ireland 2022
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling
    Screenplay: Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling
    Production: The National Film School IADT Dublin
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    'Small Hours' is a fully split/mosaic-screen 2D animation short that follows two people's trains of thought, transitioning from one memory to another. As we dive deeper into the memories we transcend into the character's subconscious and lose track of reality.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts