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Serendipity / 落花灯

Screening: Student Competition 4
China 2022
Duration: 10:26
Directed: Yunxin Qing, Dongmin Cai
Screenplay: Yunxin Qing, Dongmin Cai
Production: Shengying Ai

The Lantern Festival is coming. Zhen zhen really hope the lantern he made could win approval from his friends, but it was broken in front of them because of his careless. He lied that he still have one, and accidentally picked up a fish lantern dropped by the village lantern team on the way home. The fish lantern was beautiful and delicate, but while he showed it off to his friends, he found that the loss of the fish lantern would cause punishment to the uncle who was in charge of the transportation. In the end, the fish lantern he picked was not as highly regarded by his friends as he thought. At the same time, he realized that his selfish behaviour would not bring him true happiness, so he made up his mind to return the fish lantern and was finally forgiven by the uncle.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts