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Student Competition 4

Friday 02/12/2022 09:00 - 11:00, Friday 02/12/2022 21:00 - 23:00
Total Duration: 1:46:21

  1. Yōkai 08:20 Spain 2021
    Directed: Livia Beltrami
    Screenplay: Livia Beltrami, Poppy King, Beatriz Brunelli, Mar Campeny
    Production: Poppy King, Livia Beltrami

    Yokai is about a circular story set in the afterlife, Akane wakes up in limbo and must go on a journey down a river with two guiding creatures. She is confronted with the discovery of her death and undergoes a metamorphosis to fulfill her cycle and accompany the next soul that arrives in limbo.

  2. Pobre Antonio 08:06 Spain 2021
    Directed: Mariana Guerreiro Ferreira, Eudald Rojas Lluís
    Screenplay: Eudald Rojas Lluís, Elisa Albanelli, Lucía Gutiérrez Rico
    Production: Mariana Guerreiro Ferreira, Valeria Salinas Yábar
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Antonio is stuck to his routine. During the night, he works in a recycling plant and during the day stays with his family with whom he doesn’t really get along. One day, while working, he discovers that he can begin to make decisions about his life and change it to his will.

  3. Olive Planet / كوكب الزيتون 14:00 Germany 2022
    Directed: Shehab Fatoum
    Screenplay: Shehab Fatoum
    Dialogue Language: Arabic, English, German

    A young man tries by any means necessary to escape the horribleness of his life

  4. Ari 03:37 Egypt 2021
    Directed: Rawan Fayez
    Screenplay: Rawan Fayez
    Production: Mostafa Ismail, 6 Bab Sharq
    Dialogue Language: English

    A child named Ari tries to get the attention of her dad in various ways until she accidentally succeeds

  5. I DREAMED OF / ŚNIŁO MI SIĘ 07:34 Poland 2021
    Directed: Piotr Tokarz
    Dialogue Language: English, Polish

    Since the dawn of time, dreams are an inspiration for reflections on the subconscious and work as a gateway to the world of abstract images created based on our thoughts, feelings and experiences. In 'I DREAMED OF' author decided to interpret the dreams of people dear to him and present them in the form of an animated short.

  6. Tall Tails 02:47 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Grace Barnfather, Alannah Meek
    Screenplay: Grace Barnfather, Alannah Meek
    Production: Grace Barnfather, Alannah Meek
    Dialogue Language: English

    Gerald the gangly and awkward giraffe struggles to make friends and find food on the savanna, until he meets Angus.

  7. The Wish / Der Wunsch 10:25 Austria 2022
    Directed: Silvia Knödlstorfer
    Screenplay: Silvia Knödlstorfer
    Production: Silvia Knödlstorfer
    Dialogue Language: German

    Nora wants to save insects from extinction, but she owes a magical creature a debt. In order to get closer to her goal, she has to face her fear and free herself from misconceptions. The confrontation with the magical creature puts her in an unfamiliar situation and finally gives her an important insight. The realisation that it is important to stand up for your own wishes and dreams.

  8. Chopping Wood Chips 03:23 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Rita Ataide Novais, Alize Sotelo
    Screenplay: Júlia Alcañiz
    Production: Rita Ataide Novais
    Dialogue Language: English

    What’s an IKEA table breaking point at the weight of a crumbling friendship? A cubist short about two friends, a lost table and its replacement.

  9. A Tale on Giants and Other Animals / על ענקים וחיות אחרות 05:40 Israel 2022
    Directed: Rotem Halfon
    Dialogue Language: Hebrew

    In a world where large giants lives in packs. one Gianett, too small to live with the others, is looking for a place to call home

  10. Serendipity / 落花灯 10:26 China 2022
    Directed: Yunxin Qing, Dongmin Cai
    Screenplay: Yunxin Qing, Dongmin Cai
    Production: Shengying Ai

    The Lantern Festival is coming. Zhen zhen really hope the lantern he made could win approval from his friends, but it was broken in front of them because of his careless. He lied that he still have one, and accidentally picked up a fish lantern dropped by the village lantern team on the way home. The fish lantern was beautiful and delicate, but while he showed it off to his friends, he found that the loss of the fish lantern would cause punishment to the uncle who was in charge of the transportation. In the end, the fish lantern he picked was not as highly regarded by his friends as he thought. At the same time, he realized that his selfish behaviour would not bring him true happiness, so he made up his mind to return the fish lantern and was finally forgiven by the uncle.

  11. The Key Role! / 主角 02:53 China 2022
    Directed: Ruoheng Wang
    Screenplay: Ruoheng Wang, Tianwei Yan
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The comic passer-by character is not satisfied with his own identity, and begins to use the author's brush to change himself. As a result, his wish is realized from another angle.

  12. Ghost of wish / 愿灵 07:12 China 2022
    Directed: Xiao Wei
    Screenplay: Xiao Wei, Yutong Shi, Fangzhu Li, Shengzhu Cui
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The protagonist accidentally breaks into a haunted and abandoned kindergarten, where he helps the ghost fulfill his wish.

  13. Swallow Returned / 燕归 03:52 China 2022
    Directed: Xinyang Li, Qianyu Lin
    Screenplay: Xinyang Li, Qianyu Lin
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The girl ran away after the kite, and the grandmother went to look for the girl, but always missed her. When the girl grew up and found the kite, the grandmother became old and mute, but she still remembered the girl and the girl's kite.

  14. The soul symphony / 心乐交响 03:13 China 2022
    Directed: Yuce Liu, Xinyu Zhang
    Screenplay: Xinyu Zhang, Yuce Liu
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    In the park, a cat sleeping on a bench, is dreaming of eating small dried fish, but was woken up by the sound of the guitar, so with the guitarist first produced a fight. And then the cat inadvertently touched the strings hair between the fight, and then the exploration of music, one person and cat ensemble to a piece. The performance to the climax due to too much forgetfulness, the guitarist fell and crushed the bench, the cat was very angry. The guitarist rushed away, leaving a cat on the bench, soon after the guitarist ran back to the original to buy dried fish to make amends, the cat arrogantly forgave the guitarist, one person and a cat embarked on a new journey.

  15. Mole&Crow / 小鼹鼠大乌鸦 03:36 China 2022
    Directed: Ruoxue Jin
    Screenplay: Ruoxue Jin, Lezhi Xiao
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A Crow take his myopic friend Mole who is a little shortsighted to an old man's optician shop to make glasses.

  16. Supplant 03:58 Turkey 2021
    Directed: Zeynep Yıldız
    Production: Fethi Kaba

    To cope with her loneliness, an old lady fills up her house with plants, but they start causing problems and make her face the past.

  17. Scripted Apes 06:24 Greece 2022
    Directed: Costas Philippou, Stergios Samsakis, Marios Antwniadis
    Screenplay: Costas Philippou, Stergios Samsakis

    Scripted apes is an experimental animation video that explores the roots of the matter, from the distant past when the first explossion began until the human race appeared. It searchs the intensions of the matter and and how it creates and affectes the organic life. Different chaotic static shots generate transisions between one shot shot story telling sequenses that combine together to display the transition from anorganic matter to organic. From the creation of an inteligence to corruption and exploitation.

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