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The soul symphony / 心乐交响

Screening: Student Competition 4
China 2022
Duration: 03:13
Directed: Yuce Liu, Xinyu Zhang
Screenplay: Xinyu Zhang, Yuce Liu
Production: Shengying of Ai
Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

In the park, a cat sleeping on a bench, is dreaming of eating small dried fish, but was woken up by the sound of the guitar, so with the guitarist first produced a fight. And then the cat inadvertently touched the strings hair between the fight, and then the exploration of music, one person and cat ensemble to a piece. The performance to the climax due to too much forgetfulness, the guitarist fell and crushed the bench, the cat was very angry. The guitarist rushed away, leaving a cat on the bench, soon after the guitarist ran back to the original to buy dried fish to make amends, the cat arrogantly forgave the guitarist, one person and a cat embarked on a new journey.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts