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Screening: Professional Greek Competition
Greece 2021
Duration: 02:53
Directed: Konstantinos Nikolatos
Screenplay: Konstantinos Nikolatos
Production: Konstantinos Nikolatos

Browsing through the bleak reality taking place in the streets and the thousand lost animal souls for which no one cared due to the exceeding speed of vehicles as well as the radical changes caused in the environment by the unstable factor called “human being” which inevitably is also the solution. This animation therefor tells the story of a frog that has just woken up from a deep sleep And is in search of food. Inevitably faces human intervention and where some time ago a forest used to be now lays a street. The frog repeatedly tries to cross the street but in vain as the vehicles are speeding. In despair and fear it finally gives up. Hope comes in the light of a firefly which forces it to try again. It lastly comes to terms with death which is a false reality. Children – a new generation provide the solution and become the vessel to changing cast of mind and become the beginning of a new reality.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts