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Professional Greek Competition

Sunday 04/12/2022 11:00 - 13:00, Sunday 04/12/2022 23:00 - 01:00
Total Duration: 2:02:45

  1. Echo 11:36 Greece 2021
    2nd Place - Greek Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Sergio Kotsovoulos
    Screenplay: Sergio Kotsovoulos, Matina Galatsianou, Dimitris Savvaidis
    Production: Ashkan Rahgozar, Sergio Kotsovoulos, Dimitris Savvaidis, Stavros Savvaidis
    Dialogue Language: English

    Ellie struggles with verbal communication and survives, thanks to her landlady. Manu moves into the apartment directly across from her. Day by day, their routines echo each other, and a connection emerges.

  2. The Adventures Of Harry & George 05:17 Greece 2022
    Greek Professional Short Animation - Audience Award
    Directed: Apostolos Passos
    Production: Wordplay Media
    Dialogue Language: English

    Our two little fellows constantly become victims of situations that cause them trouble and put them into fun adventures.

  3. ZERO ROAD 02:53 Greece 2021
    Directed: Konstantinos Nikolatos
    Screenplay: Konstantinos Nikolatos
    Production: Konstantinos Nikolatos

    Browsing through the bleak reality taking place in the streets and the thousand lost animal souls for which no one cared due to the exceeding speed of vehicles as well as the radical changes caused in the environment by the unstable factor called “human being” which inevitably is also the solution. This animation therefor tells the story of a frog that has just woken up from a deep sleep And is in search of food. Inevitably faces human intervention and where some time ago a forest used to be now lays a street. The frog repeatedly tries to cross the street but in vain as the vehicles are speeding. In despair and fear it finally gives up. Hope comes in the light of a firefly which forces it to try again. It lastly comes to terms with death which is a false reality. Children – a new generation provide the solution and become the vessel to changing cast of mind and become the beginning of a new reality.

  4. autopoiesis 04:29 Greece 2022

    The “autopoiesis” project is an experimental approach that combines 3D Art with AI-Generated Art to create images of a "cosmic metaphor" that functions as a closed network of production processes, transformation, and destruction of optical elements, inherent in a perpetual cycle of life and death. Visual elements give birth to geometries and shapes forming a continuum that is interwoven with a sound composition based on algorithmic sound patterns, samples, and musique concrète.

  5. He found his way out 06:00 Greece 2022
    Directed: Vasiliki Kappa
    Screenplay: Vasiliki Kappa
    Production: Christos N. Karakasis
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    An old man loses contact with reality, as he revels in his chilhood memories. He now sees the human soul clearly but can't remember how to get back home.

  6. The incredible Mrs Lien Mourlen / Η αξιότιμη κα. Λιέν Μουρλέν 06:48 Greece 2021
    Honorary Mention - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Eleni Xoupa
    Screenplay: Eleni Xoupa
    Production: Christos Ntantos
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Lien Mourlen a peaceful and kind lady, receives a letter and heads to the shore to see the ship coming. Unfortunately, a sudden storm does not allow ships to arrive and Lien, disappointed, leave the letter to slip from her hand. The strong wind takes the letter high on the moon and wakes it up. As the moon reads the letter with enthusiasm a fascinating dance starts. Suddenly the wind blows again the letter away from the moon which now stand all alone with a bittersweet feeling. Then from sadness, exhales so strong that the clouds were disappeared affecting not only the rain but Lien’s Mourlen life. Is a film of faith and optimism. Α series of chain conditions that the protagonist does not know lead to a happy outcome. A universal influence with a happy ending and an unusual story of very common people.

  7. Stuff Of Tired Eyes 03:37 Greece 2022
    Directed: Dimitris Armenakis

    Animated Music Video for Krause's 'Stuff of Tired Eyes' from their latest album 'The Art of Fatigue' (2022).

  8. Humans Are Mistakes 03:41 Greece 2022
    Directed: Dimitris Armenakis
    Dialogue Language: English

    Animated Music Video for Kalte Nacht's 'Humans Are Mistakes' from their self titled album.

  9. For The Cops 03:12 Greece
    Dialogue Language: English

    Animated Music Video for Buñuel's 'For The Cops' from their latest album 'Killers Like Us' (2022).

  10. The other side 04:34 Greece 2021
    Directed: Tina Mamali
    Screenplay: Tina Mamali
    Production: Tina Mamali, Tina Mamali
    Dialogue Language: English

    "The Other Side" was shot entirely on the island of Syros the capital of the Cyclades- Greece" in the period of the previous quarantine January-April 2021. The shooting took place in the area of ​​Lazaretta, where there is a historic building called Lazaretto. Lazareto, built in 1839-1841, travelers from Turkey or Egypt stayed for about a week to avoid the possibility of transmitting serious diseases such as plague There is a lot to be said for this very interesting building and its different uses throughout history. The film is about the pandemic and its consequences in people's daily lives.The film indirectly highlights the need of people to overcome the pandemic and the problems that arise through this difficult period.

  11. Christmas Present / Δώρο Χριστουγέννων 06:39 Greece 2022
    Directed: Konstantinos P. Kakarountas
    Screenplay: Petros Koskinas
    Production: Konstantinos P. Kakarountas, Maria Mavroeidi
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    When the financial crisis destroys your life and everything around you dissolves, you start an internal monologue trying to pamper yourself as much as you can. Your only goal is to save your family. By all means! And Christmas is coming soon...

  12. A Night at the Cemetery 11:20 Greece 2021
    1st Place - Greek Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Stelios Polychronakis
    Screenplay: Stelios Polychronakis
    Production: Konstantinos Vassilaros
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    In the Mediterranean island of Crete, Maria heads to the cemetery every Friday to tend her beloved husband's grave. When the bus that picks her up breaks down, she will be forced to spend the night among the tombstones.

  13. "Le Théâtre de Gravures" 10:00 Greece
    Directed: Christophoros Katsadiotis
    Production: Christophoros Katsadiotis

    The city as a theater stage. A city shaped by its ghosts. Familiar ghosts; characters from the darkest of darkness. Dreams escaped from the confines of mundanity, taking flight. Heroes dressed as madmen breaking free from conformity to the ordinary, crossing into the fantastical like solitude in a public square. And love, love is expressed as something cold. The music – audio – background intensifies the silence. The city’s chain, clanking, sets the rhythm. An agony of colors. Sadness. Grief and sarcasm rise from the abyss to define the characters. Instead of masks those playful shapes can be imagined as the faces themselves, illuminated by ersatz neutrality. Survival against the crash; a dream against the reconstruction of reality. There are no hypocrites here. Paper heroes become truths. You cannot hide in a dream. The cast of characters cannot and will not pretend that silence and loneliness do not merely complement each other but engage in a discourse between fact and the immaterial archive. The show moves at cinematic speed, glance askance and prone to twists. Poetic symbolism and ellipticity tacitly form a scream. Irony comes in a sob. The abyss leaves a track on the space and the narrative, inviting us to follow it.

  14. Carousel 03:04 Greece
    Directed: Christophoros Katsadiotis
    Screenplay: Christophoros Katsadiotis
    Production: Christophoros Katsadiotis
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    “Carousel” is an animation movie based on printmaking art, in particular rotogravure. Each figure, drawing, line, and all hues and tones of colors, are coming from the traditional techniques of etching, which are using the same, from Middle age. Etching named the way of writing on metal plates with acid. For this reason, it has been kept deliberately, this mechanical, spasmodic, movement of each part which is moving, mentioned that this animation is coming from a kind of puzzle, from small and bigger pieces of art, handmade printed on paper. “Carousel” is consisted from many separated pieces of paper from old and new prints. Also, the soundtrack which “Carousel” is moving on it, stresses the rotations of this “child΄s” toy and based also on an acoustic kind of puzzle, which is consisted by industrial tools, instruments, manipulated voices and natural sounds effects, like wind and thunders.

  15. The Revenge Of Female Statues 05:12 Greece 2022
    Directed: Vanessa Ferle
    Music: Daphne Tsiouni
    Production: Vanessa Ferle
    Dialogue Language: English

    African-American, June Jordan, Poem About My Rights, Ancient Greece, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, Small Herculaneum Woman, Japanese Traditions, Noh theater, are merged together to talk -from a feminine point of view- about universal and transgenerational inequalities, abuse, violations, and the resemblance of rape to war and invasions. In this work temporal space is ignored and various cultural elements of different times and places are retrieved to construct a storytelling on today’s issue of the respect of the other; whoever or whichever this other is. An issue of power, that matters to femininities, and all other humans or animals that happen to belong to minorities. An issue that has been present throughout history, in various forms and intensity, but is still not resolved.

  16. In Between 06:48 Greece 2022
    3rd Place - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Effie Pappa
    Production: Mina Dreki
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Three different characters, caught in a frenetic everyday loop in pursuit of time. Never finding the right moment to eat, cross the street, or go to the toilet. Until time suddenly freezes. A short introspection inspired by pandemic lockdowns.

  17. Life of shadows / Η ζωή των σκιών 02:52 Greece 2022
    Directed: Fotis Lazidis aka maneloopus

    An experimental animation that [doesn't] talk about all the things we think in secret, that [doesn't] talk about all the things we think are seen. There is a life of our own, a life of the whole world that we unwittingly create, but also unwittingly ignore. An observation on the invisible world and its effects, a new view on the microcosm of the world, a new position in the world of shadows.

  18. flow 07:28 Greece 2022
    Directed: Fotis Lazidis aka maneloopus
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Σχέδια ασύμμετρα και οι επικαλυπτόμενες συμμετρίες τους Εναλλαγές χρωμάτων και οι τυχαίες εκφάνσεις τους Ασυνείδητη επιλογή εικονικών εκφράσεων Ψεύτικη βροχή λόγων ρέουν έξω από ρυθμό κι όλα αυτά προς έμπνευση αυτοσχέδιων κρυμμένων ήχων και συναρμολογούμενων αποτελεστικών ονείρων Asymmetric patterns and their overlapping symmetries Color transitions and their random appearances Unconscious choice of symbolic expressions False rain of words flow out of rhythm and all this to inspire improvised hidden sounds and assembled efficient dreams

  19. Caipitalism 03:54 Greece
    Directed: Katerina Moniaki, Melina Sofia Tsiledaki
    Dialogue Language: English

    it's a music video based on "Caipitalism" song from the band "Shejust Left"

  20. THERE WAS ONCE 08:06 Greece 2022
    Honorary Mention - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury

    There was once a donkey that no one needed anymore, a dog that was the disgrace of his master, a cat who had no hope for the future and a rooster that lost everything. They met, joined forces and took their lives into their own hands.

  21. Melodies of the Rainbow 05:00 Greece 2022
    Directed: Vivi Markatos, Eleni Internou
    Screenplay: Eleni Internou
    Production: Eleni Internou

    Follow Dora and her music friends to a film where you can hear the Melodies of the Rainbow. A short film to celebrate a music school in Greece that supports children of all abilities in their musical journeys.

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