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The Revenge Of Female Statues

Screening: Professional Greek Competition
Greece 2022
Duration: 05:12
Directed: Vanessa Ferle
Music: Daphne Tsiouni
Production: Vanessa Ferle
Dialogue Language: English

African-American, June Jordan, Poem About My Rights, Ancient Greece, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, Small Herculaneum Woman, Japanese Traditions, Noh theater, are merged together to talk -from a feminine point of view- about universal and transgenerational inequalities, abuse, violations, and the resemblance of rape to war and invasions. In this work temporal space is ignored and various cultural elements of different times and places are retrieved to construct a storytelling on today’s issue of the respect of the other; whoever or whichever this other is. An issue of power, that matters to femininities, and all other humans or animals that happen to belong to minorities. An issue that has been present throughout history, in various forms and intensity, but is still not resolved.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts