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The incredible Mrs Lien Mourlen / Η αξιότιμη κα. Λιέν Μουρλέν

Honorary Mention - Greek Professional Short Animation- Jury

Screening: Professional Greek Competition
Greece 2021
Duration: 06:48
Directed: Eleni Xoupa
Screenplay: Eleni Xoupa
Production: Christos Ntantos
Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

Lien Mourlen a peaceful and kind lady, receives a letter and heads to the shore to see the ship coming. Unfortunately, a sudden storm does not allow ships to arrive and Lien, disappointed, leave the letter to slip from her hand. The strong wind takes the letter high on the moon and wakes it up. As the moon reads the letter with enthusiasm a fascinating dance starts. Suddenly the wind blows again the letter away from the moon which now stand all alone with a bittersweet feeling. Then from sadness, exhales so strong that the clouds were disappeared affecting not only the rain but Lien’s Mourlen life. Is a film of faith and optimism. Α series of chain conditions that the protagonist does not know lead to a happy outcome. A universal influence with a happy ending and an unusual story of very common people.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts