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Haikei / ไฮเคย์

Screening: Student Competition 2
Thailand 2022
Duration: 08:38
Directed: Kan Jittapramoulboon, Thantip Thirajitto, Chayanit Phattarasirikoraphat, Semangoen Phumrattanasupak, Jivassa Prabumrung
Screenplay: Kan Jittapramoulboon
Production: Phisut Laohapitakworn, Chinatip Tangsiripat
Dialogue Language: Japanese

Once there was an elderly Japanese couple living happily together: Reiji and Mitsuko. Every year, Mitsuko would cook nikujaga to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Yet, due to her failing health, Reiji promised his wife he would cook instead next year. However, Mitsuko passed away and Reiji, despite his grief, tried to cook nikujaga as he’d promised but failed. He was disappointed until he found messages his wife had left for him inside butterfly origamis, that he got motivated to try to cook again and succeed eventually.

Department of Audio & Visual Arts