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Student Competition 2

Thursday 01/12/2022 17:00 - 19:00, Friday 02/12/2022 05:00 - 07:00
Total Duration: 1:45:00

  1. We Came for the Wings, We Stayed Because We Couldn’t Fly / באנו בשביל הכנפיים, נשארנו כי לא הצלחנו לעוף 05:00 Israel 2021
    Directed: Neta Miriam Perez
    Screenplay: Neta Miriam Perez
    Production: Neta Miriam Perez
    Dialogue Language: Hebrew

    A story about five lone wolves who do not find their place in the forest, unite for one reason - their wish to fly. A poetic and allegorical story about parting.

  2. Step by Step / Pas à Pas 03:56 France 2022
    Directed: Chloé Fabre
    Dialogue Language: French

    How to find freedom in the 3D technique? How to find the balance between instinct and technique? This film tells this dilemma with a dancer, trapped between her search for perfection and her emotions.

  3. Nimbus 04:57 United States 2022

    Nimbus is whimsical story about a worker cloud who lives in Cloud City – an imaginary world in the sky. One day, his somewhat menial daily life is interrupted by a small surprise at work. As his day takes a turn, he finds himself thrown into an entirely new and unexpected world. With its charming characters and a backdrop of epic painted cloudscapes, this film reminds us of the small joys and bits of magic we encounter in our daily lives.

  4. Avioncito 03:00 Mexico 2021
    Directed: Abigail Vera del Angel
    Screenplay: Abigail Vera del Angel, ELIZABETH TORRES PRECIADO
    Production: DIANA MUÑOZ ANGEL
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Un universo dispotico en donde los niños no estan permitidos

  5. Kaikō / Kaiko 03:51 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Florencia Eri Usuki
    Screenplay: Florencia Eri Usuki
    Production: Florencia Eri Usuki
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    In a sea of memories, a woman immerses herself in a journey to a lost time. She jumps from one encounter to another, trying to rediscover herself in the unknown.

  6. Lapso 03:18 Brazil 2022
    Directed: Mônica Moura
    Screenplay: Mônica Moura

    The older me wants to know the younger you, but our asynchrony only allows me traces you have left behind.

  7. LIFE IS A MARATHON / 马拉松 09:20 China 2022
    Directed: Yulong Dong, Tianjiao Lu
    Screenplay: Worm Dong
    Production: Shengying of Ai

    A sudden car accident led to a story about the old horse -----life or death, dream or reality, useful or useless. All of those are mixed up in the old Ma's experience, waiting for you to find your own answer. In fact, old horse was referred to as Ma when he was young Ma had wanted to go to the Rathon ever since he was a kid. After persistent and unremitting efforts, he finally got one step closer to his wish and officially set off on the journey to the Rathon. However, Ma gradually lost in a series of tough and perilous mountain roads, which rendered him powerless. Eventually, Ma's journey to the Rathon was over, and he stayed on a ranch on the side of the mountain road. Ma enjoyed a comfortable life at the ranch, and the Rathon faded out of his life.

  8. The Prey / 猎物 05:03 China 2022
    Directed: Bijun Wang
    Screenplay: Bijun Wang
    Production: Shengying of Ai

    An experienced hunter and his daughter lurked in the woods for killing the precious "Bariaurs". The bariaurs saved the girl in danger. But her father chose to shot. At last, He made the tragedy.

  9. The Wall / 墙 05:40 China 2022
    Directed: Xiangtan Zhao
    Screenplay: Xiangtan Zhao
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The rich girl and the poor boy play musical instruments together across the wall, but in the end they don't get to know each other as much as they would like because of the huge identity difference.

  10. Breathe / 呼吸 04:00 China 2022
    Directed: Haiyue Zhang
    Screenplay: Haiyue Zhang
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    the girl feels depressed in the epidemic life in the city. Every day, she is like in a snail's shell. She can't walk out in circles in the whirlpool in the snail's shell. Finally, the girl turned into a snail and crawled out of her shell, sensing nature with her own tentacles.

  11. Boat / 船 06:52 China 2022
    Directed: Weiming Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhe Chen, Xi Gong
    Screenplay: Weiming Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhe Chen, Xi Gong
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The girl is eager to pursue the island of her dreams, but she can't catch up anyway. When I was down, I drifted to another island, where I saw the achievements of previous efforts and the starry sky, and understood that "no matter what the result is, as long as I try my best." After that, I will rejuvenate myself and chase the island in my heart again.

  12. Outside the glass jar / 玻璃缸外 05:28 China 2022
    Directed: Xitong Zhang
    Screenplay: Xitong Zhang
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The world he sees is also beautiful. In the eyes of autistic children, everything has its own unique form, he sees, hears and perceives the difference, he is just sick. The mother is great, and she understands tolerance and guidance.

  13. Arjuna / 阿周 05:28 China 2022
    Directed: Qingyu Du
    Screenplay: Qingyu Du
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Story of arjuna.

  14. D-MAIL 03:56 China 2022
    Directed: Yuanshuo Cui, Yang Gu, Shuying Pan
    Screenplay: Yue Wu, Yuanshuo Cui, Yang Gu, Shuying Pan
    Production: Shengying of Ai
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    The postpuppy has to send out many letters every day, life is hard but fulfilling. One day, everything seems to be different, staring at the distant mountain, where will the last letter take him to...

  15. Glass Wall 04:31 China 2022
    Directed: Ran Tian
    Screenplay: Ran Tian
    Production: Kaifan Li

    A boy who has a moment of enlightenment in the face of danger is far from being an adult, but he is definitely no longer a boy who accepts forgiveness from others. The film presents a small conflict between the protectors and the protectors in the family, the parents and the children.

  16. The Moon Rises During the Day(Sound Sculpture) 03:13 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Na Li

    The 2D abstract hand-drawn animation comes from Na Li's improvisational drawings inspired by a piece of music. She visualized the sound through automatic drawing, creating the film in a semi-conscious state. Na drew symbols to represent the sounds and instruments she heard, using abstract drawings to translate a poem.

  17. Soo 06:41 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2022
    Directed: Roya Salimi
    Screenplay: Roya Salimi
    Production: Roya Salimi
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    “Soo” is the story of a traveler who follows her reflection. Everywhere she goes, she becomes attached, and it becomes difficult for her to leave. she leaves a part of herself behind, a layer of her color. During her journey, her color gradually fades more and more until she loses it all. When she realizes her color has vanished, her reflection takes her to the world of reflections.

  18. Haikei / ไฮเคย์ 08:38 Thailand 2022
    Directed: Kan Jittapramoulboon, Thantip Thirajitto, Chayanit Phattarasirikoraphat, Semangoen Phumrattanasupak, Jivassa Prabumrung
    Screenplay: Kan Jittapramoulboon
    Production: Phisut Laohapitakworn, Chinatip Tangsiripat
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    Once there was an elderly Japanese couple living happily together: Reiji and Mitsuko. Every year, Mitsuko would cook nikujaga to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Yet, due to her failing health, Reiji promised his wife he would cook instead next year. However, Mitsuko passed away and Reiji, despite his grief, tried to cook nikujaga as he’d promised but failed. He was disappointed until he found messages his wife had left for him inside butterfly origamis, that he got motivated to try to cook again and succeed eventually.

  19. Please Clap 03:31 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Khalidah McLarty
    Dialogue Language: English

    After being suddenly fired from his job, Mikey the clown must confront the complex feelings he has regarding his persona.

  20. Fragments: Deconstruction / Θραύσματα: Αποδόμηση 08:05 Greece 2022
    Directed: Manousos Manousakis

    An exploration of a bizarre, dark world.

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