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Student Greek Competition

Thursday 30/11/2023 12:15 - 13:30, Thursday 30/11/2023 23:15 - 00:30
Total Duration: 1:01:04

  1. Elizabethan Theatre 06:58 Greece 2023
    Directed: CHRYSOULA NIKOLOPOULOU, 5th grade students (E1 class)
    Screenplay: 5th grade students (E1 class)
    Dialogue Language: English

    This student creation entitled "Elizabethan Theatre" narrates the basic historical and social elements of the Elizabethan era, regarding the development of the theater of the same name in England. The time period it focuses on starts from 1562 until 1642, when the English Parliament banned all plays and sealed all theatrical stages for the following 18 years. This Documentary Short Film was created with the Stop Motion Animation technique by the students of E1 of the 6th Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio - Kordelio in Thessaloniki. Students of the 6th grade also aided filming, while students of the 3rd, 5th and 6th grades contributed to the construction - collection of the sets used.

  2. Through the Mirror 02:28 Greece 2023
    Directed: Iskenderoglou Vasiliki
    Screenplay: Iskenderoglou Vasiliki

    Claire travels to a Victorian Era ballroom through a magic mirror that she found in an antique shop. There she meets Edward. Edward connects the past with the present.

  3. Link 06:15 Greece 2022
    Directed: Michail Korkidas, Anastasia Teliou
    Screenplay: Michail Korkidas, Anastasia Teliou
    Production: Michail Korkidas, Anastasia Teliou
    Dialogue Language: English

    ‘’ Link ‘’ is a 2D animation short movie that portrays the life of a young female fashion designer and the struggles of her working environment. Working at that atelier was her childhood dream . The oppression and demands of her boss rendered her hopeless . To help her out of this situation , an imaginary childhood friend shows up to help her free her mind .

  4. Freedom-Nefelokokigia 03:11 Greece 2023
    Directed: Andrianna Tzanopoulou, Athina Vouvaki, Maristella Koziri, Sofia-Anargiri Alexi
    Screenplay: Students from A class (A3-A4) 1st Vocational Senior High School of Agios Nikolaos
    Dialogue Language: English

    A stop motion animated film about freedom

  5. Maybe the mirror has the answer / Ίσως ο καθρέφτης να έχει τη λύση 03:40 Greece 2023
    Directed: Nikoletta Tsatsou
    Screenplay: Nikoletta Tsatsou

    Famous paintings by Edward Hopper are transferred to a 3D environment and take on new life. The viewer's two-dimensional painted objects of observation are transformed into animated three-dimensional subjects and are included in a new urban microcosm, proposed anew for observation in a new medium. When looking at Hopper's paintings we feel a sense of familiarity, we feel sympathy for the depicted, who seem introspectively lost in their thoughts, and we can relate to the representation of the human condition. In the present adaptation, questions of identity are touched upon and we follow the protagonist on her own inner wanderings - a search for the self. However, most of the figures that are animated retain the minimal action they seem to have in the paintings as well, and function as puppets offered to us to project our own reflections. We empathize with the sense of alienation in the urban space and the loneliness experienced by the subjects trapped in it. The aim is for questions to be raised regarding our position as well as our intention to take action concerning the present issues.

  6. No, you! - Animating Guernica / Όχι, εσείς! - Ζωντανεύοντας τη Guernica 02:00 Greece 2022
    Directed: Yanis Alexakis
    Screenplay: Aglaia Tzoka
    Production: Despina Maltezou
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    The alleged episode in Picasso's studio in Paris where a Gestapo officer, showing a photograph of Guernica, which had been exhibited in 1937 at the Spanish Republic's pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition, asked him if he had done this work himself. Picasso reportedly replied “No. You!"

  7. DIGITAL NO-MAN'S 07:26 Greece 2023
    Directed: Lida Zacharopoulou
    Screenplay: Lida Zacharopoulou
    Production: Lida Zacharopoulou
    Dialogue Language: English

    AI-generated images have nowadays become so realistic that distinguishing the real ones from the fakes is nearly impossible. Trained for days with massive data and GPUs scattered all around the world, they have crossed the borders of the Uncanny Valley into the hills of visual perfection. What about those digital beings that do not have the resources to complete their training? These low-res synthetic creatures are the low-class citizens of the Humanoid Realm. They can't afford to train forever nor to be GPU nomads. They are stuck in the Uncanny Valley, always striving to convince the Discriminator they look real enough, always dreaming of climbing the steep hill of human likeness. A short animated film exploring AI through AI, this project aims to shed light on the inner workings of AI algorithms, specifically those responsible for creating realistic human faces, like the GAN models. GAN systems (Generative Adversarial Networks) are machine learning algorithms comprising two neural networks: the Discriminator and the Generator. The core idea behind this model is a fascinating game played between these two entities: the Generator continuously produces images in an attempt to deceive the Discriminator into perceiving them as real rather than synthetic. In response, the Discriminator assesses each image's authenticity. This intriguing back-and-forth between the two networks is played out repeatedly, resulting in the production of increasingly realistic images. The video depicts a fictional dialogue between the Discriminator and the synthetic creatures it evaluates. These creatures engage in a Sisyphean effort, an endless struggle to reach an elusive perfection, as they strive to deceive the Discriminator and rise above their pixelated origins.

  8. SHIT 05:07 Greece 2023
    Directed: Phaedon Morfidis
    Screenplay: Phaedon Morfidis
    Production: Phaedon Morfidis
    Dialogue Language: English

    A person is trying to wake up from a dream/nightmare by breaking out of the loop that keeps happening in it.

  9. Moon Landing With A Twist 03:29 Greece 2023
    Directed: Simos Tokalakis
    Dialogue Language: English

    In 1969 when the first humans went to the moon, they found out something they weren't expecting

  10. Our road / Amaro drom 04:05 Greece 2023
    1st Place - Greek Student Short Animation - Jury
    Greek Student Short Animation - Audience Award
    Directed: Valasia Dodulu
    Screenplay: Valasia Dodulu
    Production: Valasia Dodulu
    Dialogue Language: Other, Romany

    Animated video clip of the song "Amaro drom", created by the composer and animator Valasia Dodulu. The song is about the gypsies. Below is the english translation of the lyrics in romani dialect. "We traveled all around the world, we arrived here on foot. From our hands come out flowers, from our mouth come out songs. We are romani people, like birds, our home is the sky. We dance with our heart every song is about love."

  11. Tales (Pilot) 15:00 Greece 2022
    Honorary Mention - Greek Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi
    Screenplay: Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi, Lydia Eleftheria Papaconstantinou
    Dialogue Language: English

    In a dark Castle, set in a fantasy world, a Princess wakes up from a haunting nightmare. Meanwhile in a village far away, Chester the famous storyteller is busy telling his amazing Fairytales, when a letter from King Eric III arrives, demanding his presence in a celebration. With a lot of hesitation, he and Fairy Godmother Hora, are entangled in an exciting adventure. A pilot episode for a proposed animates series for teens.

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