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Professional Competition 2

Friday 04/12/2020 18:00 - 21:00, Saturday 05/12/2020 06:00 - 09:00
Total Duration: 2:42:27

  1. Dragon Recipes / ΔΡΑΚΟΜΑΓΕΙΡΕΜΑΤΑ 07:12 Cyprus 2019
    Created: Maria Pavlou
    Screenplay: Maria Pavlou
    Production: The Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture/Cultural Services (Cinema Advisory Committee), Maria Pavlou (Pixel giants)

    ‘Dragon Recipes’ is a sweet story about friendship and acceptance, for the whole family to enjoy. The protagonist, a young apprentice witch, idolizes a really scary, green witch from magazine clippings and posters. She dreams of becoming a grand witch like her icon and of having her own fierce, fire-breathing dragon. Spontaneous as she is, our little hero decides to create her own dragon, using an old recipe and magic spells. But the inexperienced youngster will surely make mistakes; magic mistakes that will eventually get her a dragon, but not the fire-breathing one she has in mind. Instead, she gets a dragon with a big heart and a special, magical skill. The little apprentice is about to learn a very important lesson about tolerance and personal sacrifice.

    Produced by
    Maria Pavlou/Pixel giants and The Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
    (The Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee, SEKin)

    With the financial support of the Lithuanian Film Centre

    Co-Produced by
    OAK9 Entertainment and Zedem Media

  2. The Parrot Lady / Η γυναίκα με τους παπαγάλους 06:45 Cyprus 2020
    Created: Michalis Kalopaidis
    Screenplay: Georgia Bloo Nikolaou
    Production: Michalis Kalopaidis
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    'The parrot lady' is inspired by a true story. The film works as an artistic interpretation of a woman's life who chose to live on the streets with her parrots, afraid of dying alone in her home.

  3. Ballad of pipe and necklace 12:00 Croatia 2019
    Created: Martin Babić
    Screenplay: Siniša Bahun
    Production: Jure Bušić

    In the Stone Age, young Slovenian invented the first flute, and the Croatian girl invented a first necklace in the world. The young couple soon meet and fall in love, but their tribes go into open conflict. All this brings to a great adventure.

  4. My Juke-box / Mon juke-box 14:59 France 2019
    Honorary Mentions - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Florentine Grelier
    Screenplay: Florentine Grelier
    Production: Marc Faye, Marion Lacôte
    Dialogue Language: French, Spanish

    A young woman is getting closer to her now aging father under the pretext of repairing a jukebox, object of their common memories. The film is about animation, archives and music, and links memory with the renewal of their relationship

  5. The Little Boat That Wanted to Fly 06:40 Russian Federation 2020
    Created: Ekaterina Filippova
    Screenplay: Ekaterina Filippova
    Production: Boris Mashkovtsev
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    The story of a boat that wanted to fly.

  6. Three sisters 08:00 Russian Federation 2019
    Created: Svetlana Andrianova
    Production: Svetlana Andrianova

    Film is based on Montenegrin legend "House of the Three Sisters"

  7. Sounds of Sighs / VOIX DES SOUPIRS 19:46 France 2019
    Created: Atam Rasho
    Screenplay: Atam Rasho
    Production: Emmanuel Quillet, Martine Vidalenc
    Dialogue Language: French

    The Book of Lamentations is a masterpiece of Armenian medieval poetry, written by Grigor Narekatsi (Gregory of Narek) in the 10th century. This book, beloved by the Armenian people, is carried in all circumstances, even in the most tragic ones. Comparable to a wild ocean that pours its waves endlessly, it reveals inexhaustible flows of feelings and images through the pen and ink of its author. A thousand years later, this film attempts to pour a few drops of this tumultuous flood on us.

  8. Roses in the Night 10:00 Bulgaria 2019
    Created: Pencho Kunchev
    Screenplay: Pencho Kunchev
    Production: Yariv Lerner

    A story of a young girl in ancient Greece between ripening and mystery of first love. Based upon "Les Chansons de Bilitis" by Pierre Louys (1875-1920).

  9. Stache and the Inner Walk 03:30 Canada 2020
    Created: Joanne Fisher
    Production: Quickdraw Animation Society
    Dialogue Language: English

    Salvador Dali's moustache rises in the crypt and journeys into the world of its subconscious.

  10. Ruby & Roach 08:48 South Africa 2020
    Created: Erentia Bedeker
    Screenplay: Dorette Nel
    Production: Dorette Nel
    Dialogue Language: English

    TWO SALE TOYS, CRUELLY REJECTED BY THE BUYING PUBLIC BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT, MAKE A DARING ESCAPE AND END UP SOMEWHERE QUITE UNEXPECTED AND SOMEHOW WONDERFUL... Synopsis: In an airport, where a flood of anonymous faces hurry by, and airport stores’ shelves are stacked with dozens of identical products – coveted for no reason at all – lives Ruby and Roach, two SALE toys. Discarded to the top shelf, and kept out of sight because they are different, they seem fated to stay behind as all the other toys find their forever homes. Each day they groom themselves. Ruby fluffing her grey fringe extra buffy to hide the stain, and Roach combing his creepy feelers into something resembling a fringe and tucking them in behind a leg. Sometimes they get lucky and someone takes them off the shelf for closer inspection. But they’re soon put back. Ruby because of her stained ear and Roach… well… When he gets over excited or tense, his legs start shivering and bam! His feelers jump out, scaring people off. One day, someone’s trolley, loaded with suitcases, bumps into the shelves. Ruby, tired of her dreary life, decides to take action and jumps into an open bag onto the trolley. Roach, in a moment of sheer panic, closes his eyes with his feelers and jumps after her. But before the duo can climb out of the bag, someone shoves a jacket over them and zips the bag closed, trapping them. After a short trip in complete darkness, the bag goes through airport security scanner. On screen Roach’s feelers resemble wires of a bomb and… bam! They trigger a bomb scare. The bomb squad arrives. After closer inspection they decide Ruby and Roach are harmless and toss the seemingly worthless toys into a dustbin. Freedom at last! Until a dark shadow is cast over the bin... Soon Ruby & Roach find themselves on a rubbish dump with many other items discarded by society. All seems lost till a little girl who lives on the dump, discovers them… It’s a story laden with metaphor about prejudice in society, as well as the generic, mass manufactured nature of the things we desire - told from the point of view of the imperfect and unconventional reject pile.

  11. Chimes Era #1.2 : the Seat in Judgment (Assessment following the sacrifices of CE #1.1 : the Benching). 11:15 Belgium 2020
    Created: Paul Jacques Yves GUILBERT
    Dialogue Language: English, French

    XOsquelette, Metatarsus Varus & άποτίλματα ομφαλόυ . The three chimes reasoned in the test benches. Le Chimist, an exegete-carilloneur percussionist, attempted the tuning of the tubes, filling them with his essays. He tried to extract a partition from the mixture, but ended up setting the death knell for their evaporation. The arrival of the benches marked the end of the era of chimes. Behind their cries, the beatings revealed that the agitator was also ringing. Here comes the time without a tribune, that of lost benches, testubers and buttocks with adjoined foundations: Here comes the time of the seat in judgment . To summarize, this is the story of a piece / audience matchmaker who, by promoting comfort at the expense of pieces and their authors, ends up reducing them to simple seats (→ benching →"mise au banc/ban", →"to put in bench/banish") . In this chapter we see formulated, between the lines, a projection of this audience which goes through three reversed stages described by Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux: assistance (defined by touch / feeling / pathos in relation to space) , audience / listener (defined by hearing in relation to time) and viewer / spectator (defined by sight in relation to ἀλήθεια (aletheia)). What produces this new entity Mickey Mutt (cf. Promenade Mythanalytique ) as a testuber (in connection with the test tube of chemistry → "éprouvette" → "éprouveur" → "éprouver" → "to feel/experience") to whom we come to give the seat in judgment (→"l'assise du propos"→"the seat of the discourse / the establishment of the discourse"), the making of the testuber's "State of Siege".

  12. Flower machine / Máquina de flores 05:32 Chile 2020
    Created: Catalina Reyes
  13. Candy Can 09:15 Romania 2020
    Created: Anton Octavian
    Screenplay: Cristian Pascariu
    Production: Mihai Mitrica

    Synopsis A vulnerable boy works very hard to escape from a stark reality. He surrounds himself by a world of toys and games but as the truth starts to emerge his refuge might turn out to be a trap.

  14. The Execution 14:30 Japan 2019
    Created: Jeroen Van der Stock
    Production: Jeroen Van der Stock
    Dialogue Language: English

    When the state of Georgia proceeds with the court-ordered execution of Ivon Ray Stanley, a correctional officer provides a step-by-step account of his death. SYNOPSIS While a grainy mugshot image of Ivon Ray Stanley slowly appears, his execution process is about to get started at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. On a noisy tape recording Willis Marable, assistant to the warden, starts with his real-time audio testimony of the scheduled execution. The date is July 12, 1984. Used method of execution will be the electric chair. Willis is in phone contact with a bunch of Justice officials from a room adjacent to the execution chamber and relates very meticulously what he’s witnessing through a one-way mirror. He clinically reports everything happening in and around the execution chamber. All words spoken by himself and by his fellow officials are carefully recorded. The voices sound calm and dispassionate. Willis and the other officials are all highly focused on following standard procedure manuals. In the meantime an army of painted dots is gradually occupying real estate all over Ivon Ray Stanley his mugshot, slowly and steadily burying his face, his identity.

  15. ARCH-RIVAL / 最强对手 05:00 China 2019
    Created: LIU QIANG
    Screenplay: LIU QIANG
    Production: LIU QIANG
    Dialogue Language: Chinese, English

    On War with Yourself. There is no dialogue in the film. Anyone can understand it.

  16. IRON ME / REPASSE-MOI 09:47 France 2019
    Created: Ivan Rabbiosi
    Screenplay: Ivan Rabbiosi
    Production: Jérémy ROCHIGNEUX

    Pedro, a sporty young man, shares his life with an ironing board. In town he is a role model and everybody admires him. One night, however, everything falls apart...

  17. Mr Indifferent 02:46 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2018
    Created: Aryasb Feiz
    Screenplay: Aryasb Feiz, Akhilesh Bagri
    Production: Aryasb Feiz

    A busy man who is always in a rush is reluctant to help others until one day he encounters an old woman in a crossroad... Here is a link for downloading the film : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mMivUyoYU6-2yPM1F4N_ksCr1Ru_Bncb/view?usp=sharing

  18. WHENCE COMES THE RAIN / De dónde viene la lluvia 03:57 Spain 2019
    Created: Elio Quiroga
    Screenplay: Elio Quiroga
    Production: Elio Quiroga, Miguel Martínez, Jerome Debeve, Juan A. Ruiz, Pc de la Fuente, Beatriz Faura
    Dialogue Language: English

    This short film tells the secret origin of the rain.

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