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The Execution

Screening: Professional Competition 2
Japan 2019
Duration: 14:30
Created: Jeroen Van der Stock
Production: Jeroen Van der Stock
Dialogue Language: English

When the state of Georgia proceeds with the court-ordered execution of Ivon Ray Stanley, a correctional officer provides a step-by-step account of his death. SYNOPSIS While a grainy mugshot image of Ivon Ray Stanley slowly appears, his execution process is about to get started at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. On a noisy tape recording Willis Marable, assistant to the warden, starts with his real-time audio testimony of the scheduled execution. The date is July 12, 1984. Used method of execution will be the electric chair. Willis is in phone contact with a bunch of Justice officials from a room adjacent to the execution chamber and relates very meticulously what he’s witnessing through a one-way mirror. He clinically reports everything happening in and around the execution chamber. All words spoken by himself and by his fellow officials are carefully recorded. The voices sound calm and dispassionate. Willis and the other officials are all highly focused on following standard procedure manuals. In the meantime an army of painted dots is gradually occupying real estate all over Ivon Ray Stanley his mugshot, slowly and steadily burying his face, his identity.

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